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Calendar of Events

We have a full schedule at Suffield Academy starting with breakfast at 7am and ending with lights out at 11pm Monday through Friday. Saturday classes and athletics events are part of our busy community life.

D1 Spotlight: Tiger Swimmers

Six Suffield swimmers brought their hard work and talent to bear in support of major Division I swimming and diving programs (Notre Dame, SMU, Dartmouth, Denver, and UConn), continuing a 40-year tradition yielded by the Tiger swimming and diving program.

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Kent-Davis Speaking Competition

A time-honored Suffield Academy tradition continued with the annual Kent-Davis Speaking Competition on May 18. The contest inaugurated Suffield’s virtual senior week and showcased excellent oratory skills.

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History in a Box: the Balance of Freedom & Security

Suffield students enrolled in Justin Pepoli’s 10th-grade US History class spent a few weeks identifying examples within American history that investigate one essential question: Under what conditions, if any, should the freedom of citizens be restricted?

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Suffield Academy

We embrace an emphasis on the distance traveled by each student during their years at Suffield Academy. We guide them through the roads here and prepare them for the fascinating journeys that lie ahead. We aim to encourage and inspire talented young people and we help them navigate adolescence by building their self-confidence and leadership.

Nuturing Artists

Artists who Create

Suffield Academy offers robust programs in music, theater, and dance. Students have many opportunities to excel in the arts—both onstage and behind the scenes.

The athletic program at Suffield Academy has a long and storied tradition, and we attribute that in large measure to our commitment to the three Rs: Respect for self, respect for others, and responsibility for your actions.

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To sustain our community and support economic growth, the physical plant at our school maintains ongoing initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and operating expenses.


In the Classroom

Technology is at the heart of our challenging academic program. Students engage with technology in constructive and creative ways. At Suffield Academy we provide an environment where students find support from both teachers and peers, where they learn in and out of the classroom, on and off campus.

Leadership Programs

Tour Guides

There is so much more going on at Suffield Academy than what is happening in the classroom. Students are challenged to develop life skills and being a Tour Guide is one of the many opportunities for leadership on campus.

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