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  • « Athletics Facilities

    Tisch Field House is a 30,000-square-foot facility with two courts for basketball, volleyball and tennis, four squash courts, athletic offices, a conference room for team meetings and film study, and an athletic training room.

    Ap Seaverns Athletic Center
     is the site of Perry Gymnasium, our fitness center, Ulrich Squash Courts, our rowing center, Steinman boys’ locker room, the wrestling room, pool, and girls’ locker room.

    SOLO Barn
     is our outdoor leadership center with a rock climbing wall and a high- and low-ropes course. 

    The Balance Barn
     is a lifestyle center offering extracurricular activities such as yoga, meditation, Pilates, and barre classes.

    Facilities for skiing, snowboarding, and golf are available nearby
  • « Academic Buildings

    The Hoffman College Counseling Center is home to Suffield’s innovative four-year college counseling program. 

    Centurion Hall
     is the location of the history, math, and leadership departments. 

    Holcomb Science Center
     has ten science “clabs” (classrooms containing labs) for physics, chemistry, and biology, a living wall, and large-scale interactive periodic table. 

    Memorial Building
     has expanded and been fully renovated. It hosts the English and languages departments, academic support, marketing & communications, technology, and academic administration. 

    Jeanice Seaverns Performing Arts Center
     is the site of Suffield’s theater, set design workshop, recording studio, practice rooms for musicians, and dance studio. 

    Guttag Music Center
     houses eight sound-proofed practice rooms, a music classroom, and offices for the three performing arts teachers. 

    S. Kent Legare Library
     has a vast collection of resources and Tisch Auditorium, a lecture hall with seating for 100 students. 

    Tremaine Visual Arts Center
     has art and ceramic studios, galleries, a photography lab, and our darkroom.
  • « Non-academic Buildings

    Brewster Hall is where Suffield’s dining hall and kitchen are located, along with the student union, bookstore, mailroom, snack bar, day student locker room, and dean of students office. 

    Fuller Hall houses several administrative functions including admissions, the Headmaster’s office, and the business office.

Painting by Geoffrey Rockwell ’82

In July 2016, Geoff began work on a large scale mural of Suffield Academy’s campus for the lobby of Brewster Hall. His intention is to create a timeless vision connecting Suffield’s historic past to generations of present and future. With symbolic meaning to its size, proportions, and selective vanishing points, Geoff’s composition invites viewers to experience the 23’ by 10’ painting as if hovering within its vastly spanned landscape. Included in his design are items such as the ice rink formerly located adjacent to the tennis courts, the oddly structured backstop he remembers from the baseball field, the crow’s nest platform above the football field, the historic faculty house located on main street aside Gay Manse, and the Theater Barn behind Gay Mansion. While the school’s physical plant has changed a lot since Geoff graduated in 1982, he acknowledges its evolution has occurred within the context of tradition. “I wanted to create an image that all generations of Alumni could relate to and enjoy,” he says. “Some of these buildings no longer exist, but the memory of them has not vanished. As I paint them I remember the families and friends who inhabited these spaces, unearthing my own personal experiences and lasting emotions. On the other hand, several buildings are renovations or additions to campus and those memories are now just being made by the community. So you see I am representing memories of various eras to be experienced as one and enjoyed by all. It’s my way of representing a school and community whose rich heritage is transcendental and timeless.”
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