American independent schools embrace an intentionally inefficient staffing model. The quality and volume of adult guidance make these experiences expensive. In our case more than 140 adults help only 410 students. Yet Suffield Academy’s magic rests in going beyond close focus on each student. It is in the kind of attention paid to students and the culture of the school, about adults who are encouraging and nurturing.
Even as the world and our school evolve we deliberately reach backwards into our history to embrace ideas that strengthen our community and help our students. We are proud of the timeless aspects of our program like sit-down lunch, evening study hall, athletics and wellness, the core liberal arts curriculum, dress code, Saturday morning classes, and weekly school meetings.
We are glad you are interested in learning about our school. Suffield Academy has a clear, intentional approach to secondary school education. We are guided by shared fundamental values of kindness, respect, leadership, and effort. We call these our Core Four. I am exceptionally proud of our talented students and faculty, our gorgeous campus, and our commitment to common goals.

Suffield’s mission guides our philosophy. It speaks to a tradition of academic excellence, respect for individual differences, and preparing for a lifetime of leadership and active citizenship. There is an emphasis here on helping students succeed and focusing on the distance they travel during their years on our campus. Our mission also speaks to the nature of our community—what it feels like to be at Suffield Academy. Our school combines challenging academics and high standards with an encouraging, supportive faculty. This intentional purpose has helped Suffield and our students thrive.

We hope you enjoy the website and will take an online tour of our offerings. Most of all, we hope it inspires you to come visit so you can see and feel what makes Suffield Academy a truly special environment. I look forward to meeting you. For more information on arranging a visit, please contact our admissions office.


Charles Cahn III, Head of School

We take our mission statement to heart in all we do at Suffield. It is an essential part of who we are and guides our philosophy and program. This is a school that combines challenging academics and high standards with an encouraging, supportive faculty. This unwavering mission rests at the heart of why our school is thriving. Students come to this small New England town from all parts of the world, dedicating themselves to their studies and self-exploration. Each year brings new surprises as students discover unknown talents—sometimes it is the sports star who unearths an affinity for acting or the technology whiz who is surprised to find a passion at the potter’s wheel.
Suffield Academy is a coeducational independent secondary school serving a diverse community of day and boarding students. Our school has a tradition of academic excellence combined with a strong work ethic. A commitment to scholarship and a respect for individual differences guide our teaching and curriculum. We engender among our students a sense of responsibility, and they are challenged to grow in a structured and nurturing environment. The entire academic, athletic, and extracurricular experience prepares our students for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and active citizenship.
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