Academic Buildings

Memorial Building first opened in 1854. The entire building (with the exception of the façade facing Main Street) was demolished and rebuilt in July 2017. The new 45,000 square-foot Memorial Building reopened in September 2019. It has 18 modern classrooms dedicated to English and languages. There is a technology lab and state-of-the-art technology classroom. Suffield’s Office of Academic Support is also housed in Memorial along with several administrative offices: academic leadership, information technology services, and marketing. 

Centurion Hall was constructed into the slope of Bell Hill, providing picturesque views of the Metacomet Ridge. Centurion opened in 2002 and was further designed in 2007. It houses the history and math departments and Suffield’s Leadership program. The 21,000 square-foot building includes two department centers and 15 classrooms all of which are a minimum of 300 square feet and equipped with Apple TVs.

Holcomb Hall has served as the school’s science building since its opening in 1958. The school rebuilt and expanded the building by 40% to a total square footage of more than 16,000 in 2013. Holcomb has 10 classroom-labs which are each over 900 square feet and facilitate a flexible, integrated approach to teaching and learning. The building also includes a fascinating and beautiful living green wall, an interactive periodic table, and green roof for direct hands-on learning.

S. Kent Legare Library is a 12,000 square-foot building on High Street that has a vast collection of resources, classrooms, and Tisch Auditorium. Tisch is an auditorium with seating for 100 students.