School Leadership

Our community is led by high-energy, kind people who are encouraging and nurturing. Healthy and strong, world-class schools like ours are not led by envy; they embrace who they are and always strive to improve. We embody and stand behind our motto, Esse Quam Videri [To Be, Rather Than to Seem]. New memories are being made each day here, ones that will be vividly recalled decades from now at reunions in Brewster Hall. This is a great environment benefitting from a crystal clear philosophy of how to best help people navigate their adolescent years.

Board of Trustees President Fred Powers ’83 & Head of School Charlie Cahn

We have invested $80 million in our physical plant and programs over the past decade, all funded through gifts from alumni, parents, and friends. From this position of strength in the competitive independent school landscape, Suffield has a unique opportunity to reaffirm our values and traditions and help ensure they are carried on for future generations of students. In other words, with our house in good order we can now focus on building our resource base and continuing to partner with families attracted to Suffield’s compelling value proposition.

Suffield Academy


View the new 600-kilowatt solar power array project located on the western portion of campus with trenching that connects it to the Ap Seaverns Athletic Center.

School Initiatives

Diversity & Inclusion

Our faculty serves our students with an unwavering commitment to leadership and acceptance.

It is obvious that what was an already beautiful campus has been dramatically strengthened and upgraded with amazing new facilities, especially the new Brewster Hall. But what most impressed us was the warm, genuine, and down-to-earth Suffield culture that permeates the school. Our daughters felt immediately at home at Suffield, and that’s the true test of whether a school fits our girls and our family. We already know Suffield has excellent academics, athletics, and arts. What we are really looking for is a school with a community where we can envision our daughters happily growing, exploring, developing, and excelling. It is clear to us that Suffield Academy would offer them that opportunity. 
Suffield Academy Parent