Community Charity

The Hands for Hunger Story

Hands For Hunger was started by a group of Bahamian student leaders, led by Alanna Rodgers in early 2008. These students were committed to making a difference in the world. Our inspiration was founded on the critical realization that an incredible amount of unspoiled food is thrown away every single day by restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, markets, bakeries, and other local vendors. Meanwhile, countless people struggle to secure their next meal. We asked ourselves: How can we possibly expect issues of violence, crime, poor education, unemployment, and environmental ills to be eliminated, when we cannot first satisfy the most basic of human needs by guaranteeing that every citizen has food to eat?

Hands For Hunger is a humanitarian organization committed to the elimination of unnecessary hunger and the reduction of food waste through the creation of meaningful and engaging partnerships formed amongst all sectors of the Bahamian community. We strive to inspire a shared sense of social and environmental responsibility amongst citizens, who, individually and collectively, come to realize the power of their own contributions. We do this by food rescue and distribution, education and other innovative solutions aimed at achieving national food security. Find out more about Hands for Hunger!

Past Community Charities

TeamBrent  Spread awareness of Neuroblastoma PSA [2018-2019]
Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy  A fight to end Duchenne [2017-2018]
Akshaya Patra  Unlimited food for education in India [2016-2017] 
Circle of Care  Supporting families of children with cancer [2015-2016] 
Spouts of Water  Water filters in Uganda [2014-2015] Hearts of the Father Outreach  Homes for orphan refugees in Ghana, West Africa, Tamil Nadu, Southern India and the United States [2013-2014] 
Charity Water  Clean water to developing countries [2012-2013] 
Autism Speaks  Sponsoring Autism research [2011-2012] 
The Petit Family Foundation  Education, chronic illness, and violence [2010-2011] 
Camp Sunshine  A retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses [2009-2010] 
HARC, Inc.  Quality, inclusion, and dignity for the intellectually disabled [2008-2009] 
Jambo Tanzania  A sustainable healthcare focused center in the Kagera Region of Tanzania, that provides quality patient-focused affordable care [2007-2008] 
Interval House  Preventing the cycle of domestic violence [2006-2007] 
The Jimmy Fund  Supporting adult and pediatric cancer care and research [2005-2006]