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One of the most unique aspects of the Holcomb Science Center is its living wall, a vertical garden that greets guests as they walk through the front doors of the building. The plants in the living garden serve two main purposes: They are aesthetically pleasing to look at and they cleanse the air.

According to Science Department Chair Volker Krasemann, the lights that shine on the wall are timed to simulate sunrise and sunset, quite literally bringing the outdoors inside the building. All lighting and nutrient input is controlled by a computer. The living wall plants are made up of five different layers of inorganic, soilless material that can neither break down nor decay.  

Suffield Academy held its first spring term remote learning chapel program broadcasted world-wide on April 6. Students, faculty, alumni, and parents tuned in live for a talk hosted by Dean of Academics & Faculty Sara Yeager. She spoke on several significant topics at the forefront of the community’s daily life: camaraderie in isolation, reading and entertainment, friendship and family, and kindness.

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The Orangewomen swimmers and divers proved themselves to be a contender once again for regional and national honors in the 2019-2020 season. This was a team, according to Coach Andy Lowe, “that sported a perfect combination of depth and high-flyers, and one whose excellent team dynamic led to great results across the season.”

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