Unwavering traditions include Saturday morning classes, a dress code, small class sizes, required evening study hall for boarders and afternoon activities for all students, weekly school meetings, and sit-down lunches. These time-honored traditions appeal to families and are hallmarks of the Suffield Academy experience.

Suffield is a school rich in tradition. Whether it is an athletic team ringing the Bell to celebrate a win, formal sit-down lunch or holiday dinner, chapel program or Kent-Davis Oratory Competition, or not stepping on the official school seal, Suffield promotes strong ties to its past. Since 1833, the school has honored these longtime traditions with one overarching and simple philosophy: Surround yourself with people who support your growth.

Sometimes you might fall, but if you tried your best you will definitely see positive changes in your life. I think that is what makes our Suffield community close and stronger—making positive changes not only within yourself but also for others.   -Jason Choi ’19 | Seoul, Korea

I have so many great memories: winter carnival, math with Mr. Samii, Gordy Glover’s passion for literature and track, swimming for Andy Lowe, Latin with Mr. Nelson, and I still remember Headmaster Lindfors graduation speech. Suffield taught me to work hard and expect success as a result. Faculty and coaches asked me to show up daily, give my best effort, and keep moving forward. These lessons still motivate me today. The rigor of daily life combined with a willingness to meet students where they are combines to create an atmosphere where students can learn and grow. The changes to campus have made it more compact and, in some ways, Suffield is a very different school than the one I attended, but in more important ways the school is still very much the same.   -Daniel Mastella ’87, P’19, ’21

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