Tiger Games

Part of welcoming students to campus at Suffield Academy is our annual tradition of Tiger Games.
Tiger Games

Students team up by class year and compete in a series of events including a hula hoop contest, ultimate Frisbee, capture the flag, kick ball, and tug of war. The games are followed by a community cookout on the terrace outside of the Landis Student Union. 

Marina Ghazarian ’20 said, “Tiger Games get everyone involved early with school life and are a great way for us to begin our journey of the new year.” Tyler Van Dyke ’20 shared similar thoughts, saying, “It’s a nice way for new students to begin their Suffield experience and feel our school’s spirit and pride.” 

Chris Hostetter ’21 echoed this theme by noting, “Tiger Games help new students indulge into their Suffield Academy experiences,” while Natassa Flevotomos ’20 commented that “there’s a good balance of spirit, competition, and fun.” 

As these comments indicate, Tiger Games help welcome new students to campus and emphasize the warmth and positive spirit that rest at the heart of the Suffield experience.