Academic Deans & Chairs

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  • Photo of Sara Yeager

    Sara Yeager 

    Dean of Academics and Faculty
    Colby College - B.A.
    Trinity College - M.A.
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  • Photo of Phil Hodosy

    Phil Hodosy 

    Assistant Academic Dean
    St. Lawrence University - B.A.
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  • Photo of Benjamin Morgan ’06

    Benjamin Morgan ’06 

    Assistant Academic Dean
    Hobart College - B.A.
    Bread Loaf School of English - M.A.
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  • Photo of Allison Henle

    Allison Henle 

    Waskiewicz Chair in Mathematics
    Yale University - B.A.
    Dartmouth College - Ph.D. *
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  • Photo of Volker Krasemann

    Volker Krasemann 

    Chair, Science Department
    Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Univeritat - B.A., M.S.
    Montana State University - M.S.
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  • Photo of Gis-Ximena Nahmens

    Gis-Ximena Nahmens 

    Chair of the Languages Department
    Universidad Catolica Andres Bello - B.A.
    Rochester Institute of Technology - M.S.
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  • Photo of Bryan Brissette

    Bryan Brissette 

    Chair, History Department
    Harvard University - A.B.
    Northeastern University - M.A.
    Trinity College - M.A.
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  • Photo of Bill Butcher

    Bill Butcher 

    Chair, Visual Arts Department
    Drake University - B.F.A.
    Drake University - M.F.A.
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  • Photo of Thomas Dugan

    Thomas Dugan 

    Chair, Performing Arts Department
    Emerson College - B.A.
    Emerson College - M.A.
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  • Photo of Jason Healy

    Jason Healy 

    Director of Technology, Opatrny Chair in Technology
    Williams College - B.A.
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  • Photo of Neil  Stone

    Neil  Stone 

    Kim Wiggin Chair of Academic Support
    Kenyon College - B.A.
    Northwestern University - M.A.
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  • Photo of Bill Sullivan

    Bill Sullivan 

    Chair, English Department
    Catholic University - B.A.
    SUNY at Binghamton - M.A.
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