Area Studies

2019 Area Studies Presentation

Juniors enrolled in the European, China & East Asia, and Latin American Studies programs presented their Area Studies Projects to the Suffield Academy community in April. Formerly named as the Museum Projects and under a new format this academic year, the Area Studies Projects serve as a capstone to the Area Studies Program. The event allows students to showcase their creativity and research skills. Topics included “Europe Transformed 1917-21: Revolutions and Reforms—Political, Social & Cultural” and “Pop Culture in China & East Asia,” “The Legacy of Colonialism,” “A Festival of Latin Culture,” and “Mexico in Jeopardy!”

In the European Studies category, Olivia Marcyoniak and Amanda Kikonyogo teamed up to present “Murder of the Romanovs” while Tim Cordes and Amanda Warner paired to present “Technology of the Great War.” Olivia commented, “My partner and I chose the topic because its mystery interested us. We learned a lot about the downfall of that monarchy and the mistakes they made leading to their execution. It was a lot of fun sharing all the work we had done.” Tim added, “We chose to investigate technology of World War I because that is without a doubt what made it ‘The Great War.’ The tanks, U-boats, and planes influenced modern day warfare greatly; this was the birthplace of the modern era. I enjoy public speaking, and so this was a lot of fun.” Department chair Bryan Brissette commented, “I think the real strength of the event is the opportunity to hear student voices as they present in their respective disciplines. Additionally, the meshing of project-based learning with technology and creative visual aids enhance the overall experience for both the students and audience.”