Academic Support

The Academic Support program at Suffield Academy is designed to teach and support compensatory study strategies to students who have been identified as having atypical learning styles. The center staff meets two to four times per week with students.

Progress reports are sent home each term to keep families up-to-date regarding the specific initiatives undertaken by the student in partnership with the Academic Support Center. Students who have documented special accommodations in classroom procedures and testing are expected to speak to their teachers about their needs. All requests for extended time or other accommodations in formal exams and standardized tests must be made through the Director of Academic Support and approved by the Academic Dean.

Progress is measured in four key areas:
» Awareness, acceptance, and understanding of one’s individual learning differences; challenges and strengths
» Motivation for and commitment to making a change
» Evidence of a growing mastery or compensatory strategies and self-advocacy skills
» Application of the strategies developed by the academic support program

Academic Support Office

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Neil  Stone

    Neil  Stone 

    Kim Wiggin Chair of Academic Support
    Kenyon College - B.A.
    Northwestern University - M.A.
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  • Photo of Heather Dugan

    Heather Dugan 

    Miami University, Ohio - M.S.
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  • Photo of Tori Fitzgerald

    Tori Fitzgerald 

    Bates College - B.A.
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  • Photo of Lyndsey Sweeney

    Lyndsey Sweeney 

    Academic Support
    Eastern Connecticut State University - B.A.
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