The goal of Suffield Academy's Leadership Program is to develop human beings with integrity who wish to make a significant and positive impact on our society. Students in grades 9, 10, and 11 take required year-long courses where the curriculum emphasizes experiential learning and guided self-discovery. The leadership experience at Suffield concludes in the 12th-grade, with each student participating in senior seminars and a senior speaker series. 

The program emphasizes seven core elements which each student is exposed to in direct ways: personal mastery, moral foundation, goal-setting, communication skills, problem-solving, self-awareness, and inspiring and mobilizing others. We teach ways of thinking and developing skills, traits, and habits in order to enhance each student’s leadership qualities and capabilities.

Course Descriptions

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  • + Freshman Year | Foundations of Leadership

    Term: Full year, twice a week

    Personal Mastery
    The freshman seminar in the leadership sequence stresses the discipline of “personal mastery.” It is designed to develop the skills, habits, and thought processes that will enable students to succeed at Suffield and beyond. The Personal Mastery course sets the experiential and conceptual foundation for Suffield’s subsequent leadership seminars. This class meets during an academic period.
  • + Sophomore Year | Foundations of Leadership

    Term: Full year, twice a week

    Values, Vision, and Citizenship
    The sophomore Foundations of Leadership seminar builds its curriculum from where the freshman Personal Mastery course leaves off. Expanding its curricular focus beyond the basic self-management, public speaking, and collaborative skills stressed in ninth grade, the tenth grade seminar reinforces these habits of personal mastery while introducing elements of group dynamics, service learning projects, and more. This class meets during an academic period.
  • + Junior Year | Preparing for Leadership

    Term: Full year, once a week

    This course is designed to reinforce the competencies of personal mastery established in the freshman and sophomore seminars, while focusing more explicitly on developing the students’ leadership capabilities. This seminar does not meet during an academic period.
  • + Senior year | Practicing Leadership

    Term: Full year, once a week

    Practicing Leadership completes the leadership sequence. Each Suffield senior is expected to exercise significant leadership responsibilities at school. Class time during this seminar will be used primarily to reflect on and improve students’ performance in their leadership roles and responsibilities. This seminar does not meet during an academic period.

Leadership Office

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  • Photo of Ann Selvitelli

    Ann Selvitelli 

    Director of College Counseling and Leadership
    Trinity College - B.A.
    University of Pennsylvania - M.S.Ed.
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  • Photo of Drew Gamere ’93

    Drew Gamere ’93 

    Co-Director of Athletics
    Ohio Wesleyan University - B.A.
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  • Photo of Gina Longo

    Gina Longo 

    Leadership Program & Athletic Trainer
    Springfield College - B.S.
    Northeastern University - M.S.
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  • Photo of Gina Manning

    Gina Manning 

    University of Massachusetts - B.A.
    Saint Joseph College - M.A.
  • Photo of Mary Mitchell ’10

    Mary Mitchell ’10 

    Marketing & Communications
    Franklin & Marshall College - B.A.
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  • Photo of Lyndsey Sweeney

    Lyndsey Sweeney 

    Academic Support
    Eastern Connecticut State University - B.A.
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  • Photo of Kelli Tosone ’90

    Kelli Tosone ’90 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
    Boston College - B.S.
    Simmons College - M.A.T.
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  • Photo of Liz Warren

    Liz Warren 

    Cultural Diversity Coordinator
    Mount Vernon Nazarene University - B.A.
    Mount Vernon Nazarene University - M.S.
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