The visual arts department at Suffield is guided by one simple, overarching philosophy: everyone has potential. Teachers work closely with individual students to find their strengths and inspire self-inquiry. 

Artistic expression is believed to be the impetus of self-expression, which is the cornerstone of a liberal arts education. At Suffield, we believe educational processes that deny humanity’s artistic nature limit what and how we learn. The visual arts program encourages students to examine the artist's methods and reconsider how the artist thinks. The curriculum is designed to support students with less experience in addition to challenging those with remarkable talent. Suffield’s visual arts curriculum teaches students to:

  • Acknowledge the artists within themselves
  • Acquire fundamental skills and develop authentic artistic expression
  • Understand that the skills needed by the artist are related to those used by scholars in other disciplines

Melinda Fuller
Co-Director of the Art Department

Jenny Graham
Co-Director of the Art Department

Erica Caginalp
Art Department, Ceramics

Garrett VanderVoort
Art Department Faculty