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Senior Leadership Positions

Senior Leadership Positions 

Academy Tutors 

The Peer Tutoring program helps facilitate the natural process that occurs between students both in and out of the classroom. We believe that students of all abilities can benefit from individual conferences about their class work. Our goal is to offer a conduit for students struggling in a specific subject to be able to request (and find) other students with expertise for academic help. Our student leaders help organize the program by recruiting and overseeing peer tutors and assigning them to students that request help.   


Alumni Leadership Committee 

Committee of Students, Alumni & Faculty that research, discuss and select the annual Alumni Leadership Award Recipients 


Bell Editors 

The Bell is a student led publication. Student 


Book Club Leader 

Student book club leaders will be largely responsible for the running of the student-led book club. Leaders will meet regularly with faculty advisors, help set the meeting schedule for the year, and help to choose options for book selections. The leaders will be responsible for publicity and should encourage students to attend meetings. The leaders will also be expected to read all book selections and compile discussion questions to help them lead the book discussions. Leaders will attend all meetings and help with set-up and clean-up.  Most importantly, leaders should love to read and be excited about this club! 


Chapel Committee 

The Chapel Committee partners with the headmaster to assure that the weekly chapel meetings are well organized and useful for the community. The Chapel Committee works to plan events, publicize them within the community, and handle logistics associated with the weekly chapel meetings. The goal of the committee is to help provide meaningful and substantive programming and to prepare the community as effectively as possible for these events. Students assist in planning, coordinating and implementing a wide range of weekly chapel programs including guest and faculty speakers, student leaders, group discussions, advisor meetings and cultural festivities. They meet frequently to carry forward a long term project planning calendar, to put together the upcoming programs and make sure all of the details have been covered. The ultimate goal of the committee is to provide programming that helps enhance the experience of Suffield students and faculty. 


Computer Resource Center 

Assist the technology department with long-term projects and campus initiatives, including hardware installation, software authoring, documentation, and testing. Prospective leaders should be self-motivated and ready to compile a list of projects they'd like to oversee, based on their skill set and the needs of the school. 

Disciplinary Committee 

The Discipline Committee interviews each student involved in a possible infraction and makes recommendations to the headmaster regarding disciplinary responses. 


Suffield Academy's Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools (FOCUS) aims to provide a community for Christian students, faculty, and staff on campus. FOCUS offers programming both religious, secular, spiritual, cultural, and social as desired by the campus community. In addition, the FOCUS is an all-campus inclusive group; all campus members are invited to FOCUS activities. The FOCUS also provides, as requested, information to the campus about aspects of the Christian faith. Skill sets: Interest in religious dialogue, organized. 

Gay Straight Alliance 

The Gay Straight Alliance is a student organization aimed at heightening awareness of different sexualities. The goal is to sustain a safe and comfortable environment for students of all sexual preferences by focusing on continued education and communication on the Suffield Academy campus and the community at large. Our student leaders organize meetings and build strategies to raise awareness about the organization and related issues. 

Global Initiatives 

Global Initiatives' mission is to act locally and think globally. When humanitarian disasters strike abroad, students raise money here to send to the vicitms. In the past, students have  sold bracelets for flood victims in Bohol and Thai pants for an orphanage in Thailand. 

Head Waiter 

The head waiter position is a highly visible one. Head waiters are responsible for the day-to-day running of Suffield's sit down lunch program. As such, at lunch they are responsible for calling the dining hall to order, delivering announcements, taking attendance, and holding students responsible for proper dress code and decorum. Head waiters must have strong organizational skills, exercise prudent management with their peers, and be comfortable speaking in public. 

Jewish Organization of Students 

JOS (Jewish Organization of Suffield) leaders should be self-motivated and dedicated to the success of this organization. Senior leaders will meet regularly with the faculty advisor and will respond promptly to emails. The leaders will be integral to the selection, planning, and execution of campus activities. Senior leaders will make every effort to be present at all JOS activities. Leaders will publicize all events through email, lunch announcements, and word of mouth. Leaders will encourage all campus members to attend events, as the JOS is an all-inclusive club. Events include but are not limited to celebrating Jewish holidays, sponsoring a Film and Discussion Night, and hosting social gatherings. 


Kaleidoscope, previously known as MCA, strives to promote cultural awareness and understanding of all nationalities, ethnicities, religions and genders. Kaleidoscope offers programs and events that provide perspective and understanding of all who surround us.  This group is open to all members if the SA community. Leaders of Kaleidoscope are expected to meet twice a month with the group faculty advisor to plan and prepare meetings and events. Each leader should be interested in promoting cultural awareness and being a change a get for social justice. 


Library Proctors 

Mentor Program Leader 

The criteria for the position consists of a strong desire to help motivate all of the mentors next year. You will be in charge of organizing monthly events throughout the fall term and at least one big gathering during the winter and spring terms. Also, the team of Leaders will run the groups during orientation. Faculty will assist you but your enthusiasm will be needed. You will be appointed a group of mentors and oversee their involvement with their mentees. There will be communication over the summer and the expectations are that each new student will be able to filter questions through the appointed mentor; it will be your responsibility to make sure that these mentor/mentee relationships develop before the start of school. This position cannot be your only leadership role! I look forward to welcoming all of our new students next year and working with the leaders. 

Performing Arts Center Manager 

The Performing Arts Center (PAC) Managers are responsible for the operation of the PAC areas (lobby, auditorium, and other public areas) during performance events. This position encompasses concession management and coordination of ushers, seating arrangements, managing the "pass system" for boarding students and special performance needs. Must be present at all PAC performances. 

Philosophy Club 

When you look up at the night sky, what do you think about? What is the most important thing in your life? What aspects of your dreams are real and what are imaginary? If these questions appeal to you, then you'll like Philosophy Club. It is a informal, biweekly gathering of free thinkers. Our leaders are responsible to guiding the discussions, which typically take place after lunch or dinner in Cone Lounge. We also have sponsored movies, invited guest speakers to campus and written articles for The Bell. 

Photography Club 

The photography club provides a forum for students to discuss and share their common interest in digital and film images. Senior leaders and faculty advisors provide guidance and support through club projects and group photo shoots. Photographers of all levels are welcome! 

Pioneer (Yearbook) Editor 

The Pioneer is Suffield Academy's annual yearbook. It is produced by an interested group of student volunteers under the guidance of a smaller group of senior leaders, one editor-in-chief, and one faculty advisor. We work closely with a representative from Josten's Publishing. While the editor-in-chief is ultimately in charge of delegating jobs and overseeing layout procedures, each of the senior leaders has an assigned portion of the book for which he or she is responsible. Each year these specific roles will vary with the particular interests of the individuals. Subjects which must be covered include: sports photography, clubs and activities, senior pages, underclassmen, faculty, candids, special events, and advertising.  


Senior leaders for the Pioneer learn how to organize a group of volunteers, delegate responsibility, make decisions about content and layout, and ultimately oversee the production of a document which will commemorate a year in the life of Suffield Academy. The layout is done online using web-based publications software. In the process they become familiar with Photoshop, learn how to use our digital cameras, and develop a working relationship with the representative from our publishing house. 

Political Action 

The Political Action Club is responsible for promoting a mature, civil dialog about meaningful local and national issues. In the past the Club has sponsored film nights, student debates, guest speakers, informal discussions on current events and mock votes. They have also contributed articles to The Bell and organized petitions to raise awareness about important issues. All students are encouraged to participate, and we meet biweekly to plan events and discuss events in the news. 


The proctor program is an integral part of residential life at Suffield Academy. Eleventh and twelfth grade boarding students are selected to serve as proctors in each residence hall on campus. Criteria for proctor selection include: willingness to abide by school rules, loyalty to dorm faculty, integrity, and conflict resolution skills. Residence hall policies are enforced by the proctors, but proctors primarily serve as a liaison between dorm parents and students in the dorm. Proctors are expected to serve as model citizens and also role models in the residence halls and on campus. Through this program, working with the residence hall staff as well as regular meetings, the twenty-eight proctors are able to further develop their own leadership skills. 

Student Council Representative 

The Student Council is composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Boarding and Day Student Representatives who are elected by the student body. Elections for these positions take place in the spring term. These senior leaders, together with the Director of Student Affairs, oversee the workings of the Student Council by planning and chairing weekly meetings.  


Each class also elects officers in the fall term. These elected representatives (generally a class President and Vice President) are an integral part of Student Council and ensure representation for students at every grade. Members of Student Council serve as a sounding board for students and faculty who have concerns or suggestions. They are role models for all students, demonstrating school spirit and appropriate behavior in all pursuits. They are expected to encourage pride and cohesion in their class and should strive to motivate others to fully participate in the life of the school.  


In order for a student to be eligible for election to the Student Council, they must attend at least two meeting prior to the fall term elections (Tuesday evenings). Once elected Student Council members must be present for every meeting and participate in all Student Council sponsored events. All members of the SA community are encouraged to attend Student Council meetings.  


Student government provides an excellent opportunity for Suffield students to build their leadership skills and contribute to the life of the school. It is an essential component of our school culture.  


Teaching Assistant (Academic) 

Currently we have a teaching assistant in Math and Music Ensemble. 


Teaching Assistant (Leadership) 

Teaching Assistants support the Leadership program faculty in the 9th and 10th grade leadership courses. Any rising junior or senior is eligible to apply to become a teaching assistant in the leadership program, and the TAs will be assigned to work with a specific 9th or 10th grade leadership class. All TAs have experience as students in the classes they teach. TAs are paired with a faculty member, and they work with the same class of students the entire year. Sometimes two TAs work together with the same class. They earn a full academic credit, and also receive a letter grade each term. The 9th and 10th grade leadership classes are greatly enhanced by the contributions of the TAs, who contribute to all aspects of the course. TAs assist with planning lessons and homework assignments, facilitating class discussions and activities, and providing feedback on student performance. Teaching Assistants work in pairs with a member of the Leadership Department to facilitate 9th and 10th grade leadership courses. There is a formal application procedure including an interview. TAs need to commit to a retreat held during the summer as well as attending a course twice a week with their respective class. There are meetings held with the other teaching assistants occasionally during the year to further enhance the student's leadership experience.  

Skill Sets: Outgoing, organized, strong verbal communication 


Tour Guide Leaders 


TREE Leaders 

TREE is a student initiated, student led organization whose primary focus is to educate the school community on issues related to the environment. TREE was instrumental in establishing Suffield's recycling program. Each year the organization sponsors Earth Day. This has included chapel presentations, campus projects and visiting naturalists. TREE conducts annual fund raising activities. In past years, funds were raised in support of the Heifer Project. Through this organization, students contributed to the purchase of a water buffalo. TREE also sponsored an environmentally focused art show during Parent's Weekend. The group meets and communicates on a regular basis. Internet connection is maintained with numerous national environmental organizations. Where appropriate, letters are sent to Congressmen and petitions are signed. 

Work Program Inspectors 

The work program at Suffield Academy teaches Suffield students to give back to the community in which they live. Work program jobs are numerous and varied—they range from jobs in the Admissions and Development offices to kitchen-help assignments. The students are supervised in their work program assignments by student leaders, faculty and/or staff. The student leaders have the title of inspector and are selected for this role based on their previous performance in work program assignments. Most inspectors are seniors, but occasionally an exceptional underclassman is awarded this role. Work program inspectors use a variety of leadership skills, including the ability to manage and confront peers and effectively organize time. Students also learn the importance of leading by example and communicating effectively.