Leadership: Grade 10

Embracing Community

Values, Vision, & Citizenship
The sophomore Foundations of Leadership seminar builds its curriculum from where the freshman Personal Mastery course leaves off. Expanding its curricular focus beyond the basic self-management, public speaking, and collaborative skills stressed in 9th grade, the 10th-grade seminar reinforces these habits of personal mastery while introducing elements of group dynamics, service learning projects, and more. This class meets during an academic period.

Leadership comes in various forms. It is a tool we use in our daily lives and emerges in many different scenarios. Whether it is in making an important decision or going through our daily routines, we have to learn when to take initiative, apply ourselves, and direct others.

• Close review of life skills
• Media literacy
• Self-awareness:
multiple intelligence theory & learning styles
• Group dynamics
• Ethical scenarios and case studies

• Communication skills
• Service and servant leadership: social needs & issues
• Off-campus service learning projects
• College Counseling Part 1:
PSAT and PLAN tests, visiting schools, learning college admission language