Student Resources

Advisory Program

Advising is a key part of the Suffield faculty member's role at the school. Each student at Suffield is assigned a faculty advisor who serves as a central contact within the school community for the student and that student's parents and teachers. The advisor is helpful in handling questions about school and personal matters. The role of the advisor is to make each student's experience at Suffield optimal by keeping track of his/her academic progress, assisting with course planning and selection, and facilitating communication between the student and other constituents in the community. In addition to advisor reports, which are sent to families twice a year, parents are encouraged to direct any questions or concerns about their child to the advisor as well as meet with the advisor during campus visits.

Peer Tutoring

Another level of support involves student-centered assistance in the form of peer tutoring. Academy tutors are trained in every subject and are a popular method of support. These students know what it takes to be successful writers, learners, and thinkers, and are happy to help their fellow students succeed. Peer tutoring often occurs in conjunction with extra help with a teacher and is available many evenings during study hall as well as during the day.

Academic Support

The Academic Support program at Suffield Academy is designed to teach and support compensatory study strategies to students who have been identified as having atypical learning styles. The center staff meets two to four times per week with students. Progress reports are sent home each term to keep families up-to-date regarding the specific initiatives undertaken by the student in partnership with the Academic Support Center. Students who have documented special accommodations in classroom procedures and testing are expected to speak to their teachers about their needs. All requests for extended time or other accommodations in formal exams and standardized tests must be made through the Director of Academic Support and approved by the Academic Dean.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to support students’ emotional growth and to enhance each student’s sense of emotional well-being. The counselors seek to provide developmentally appropriate information to the student population, to assist the Suffield Academy adult community in support of its students, and to provide information and support to parents regarding issues of adolescent development and parenting. The Counseling Center offers students a safe, appropriate and effective resource for emotional assistance, helping students make school life more manageable.

Health Center

The Suffield Academy Health Center is a vital part of campus life. Committed to the health and wellbeing of students and faculty, Linda Kaplan manages daily operations. There is a nurse on call 24-hours/day and the Health Center offers both in and outpatient services.
Tips for Managing Stress
Sleep well.
Take a break. 
Take a break from social media. 
Smile and laugh. 
Get social support-talk to someone. 
Meditate—try deep breathing. 
Eat Healthy.

Student Support Contacts

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