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Dorm Life

Dorm life is an important part of the Suffield community. Thirteen dormitories are situated on campus. The smallest dorms are located in historic houses on Main Street, each containing between five and twelve students. The school’s largest dorms, Fuller and Spencer Halls, house 46 students. All dorms contain wifi, washers and dryers, a television, microwave, and a laser printer.

At least one faculty member, and sometimes as many as three, live in each dorm. The small size of the dorms and the close supervision of a resident faculty member make each residency a family unto itself. It is not uncommon on a weekend to see several students watching television in a faculty apartment, and students frequently become big sisters and brothers to young faculty children. 

Campus Facilities

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  • + Student Housing

    There are 13 total dormitories on the Suffield Academy campus run by full-time faculty members. They range in size from 7 to 46 students, and in style from traditional dormitories to colonial-era houses. There is Wifi access and a common area in each dorm with cable TV.
  • + Academic Buildings

    Brewster Hall is where Suffield’s dining hall and kitchen are located, along with the student union, bookstore, mailroom, snack bar, day student locker room, and dean of students office.

    Fuller Hall
    houses several administrative functions including admissions, development, the headmaster’s office, and the business office.

    The Hoffman College Counseling Center
    is home to Suffield’s innovative four-year college counseling program.

    Centurion Hall
    is the location of the history, math, and leadership departments.

    Holcomb Science Center
    has ten science “clabs” (classrooms containing labs) for physics, chemistry, and biology, a living wall, and large-scale interactive periodic table.

    Memorial Building
    is being expanded and fully renovated in 2017. It has the English and languages departments, academic support, marketing & communications, technology, and academic administration.

    Jeanice Seaverns Performing Arts Center
    is the site of Suffield’s theater, set design workshop, recording studio, practice rooms for musicians, and dance studio.

    Guttag Music Center
    houses eight sound-proofed practice rooms, a music classroom, and offices for the three performing arts teachers.

    S. Kent Legare Library
    has a vast collection of resources and Tisch Auditorium, a lecture hall with seating for 100 students.

    Tremaine Visual Arts Center
    has art and ceramic studios, galleries, a photography lab, and our darkroom.
  • + Athletics Facilities

    Tisch Field House is a 30,000-square-foot facility with two courts for basketball, volleyball and tennis, four squash courts, athletic offices, a conference room for team meetings and film study, and an athletic training room.

    Ap Seaverns Athletic Center
    is the site of Perry Gymnasium, our fitness center, Ulrich Squash Courts, our rowing center, Steinman boys’ locker room, the wrestling room, pool, and girls’ athletic locker room. Athletic Fields surround campus, including a synthetic lighted turf field at the foot of Bell Hill.

    SOLO Barn
    is our outdoor leadership center with a rock climbing wall and a high- and low-ropes course.

    The Balance Barn
    is a lifestyle center offering extracurricular activities such as yoga, meditation, Pilates, and barre classes.

    Facilities for skiing, snowboarding, and golf are available nearby

FAQs: Dorm Life

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  • Where do I do my laundry?

    Each dorm is equipped with coin-operated washers and dryers. Many students choose to sign-up for dry cleaning service as well. Pick-up and drop-off of dry cleaning occurs daily in the student union.
  • How are rooming assignments determined?

    The Dean of Students Office, in conjunction with the Admissions Office, determines rooming assignments for new students during the summer. Contact information on roommates is mailed in the middle of August. New students are encouraged to contact one another prior to the beginning of the school year.

    Although we don't encourage pre-arranged roommate pairings, returning students can request to live with friends. These requests may be granted at the discretion of the Dean of Students Office and a student's advisor. We're always striving to make the best rooming matches possible. We ask that you keep an open mind. In the past, students have found that rooming with different people has expanded their social circles and been part of the learning experience here at Suffield.
  • May I bring my bike to Suffield?

    Yes, you’re welcome to bring your bike to campus. When not in use, students should store their bikes in the designated bike racks—not in their rooms or the hallways of their dorm. Although some students do bring their bikes to Suffield, most students find they don’t need a bike. Several local stores (such as a pharmacy, coffee shop and grocery store) and restaurants are within easy walking distance of the Academy.
  • What happens on the weekend?

    The Director of Student Affairs, plans trips and events for each weekend. There is a major city trip—to places such as New York City and Boston—once per term. On a typical weekend, you might sign up for a trip to a local shopping mall or the movies. In addition, on campus events are planned for each weekend. Live bands, DJs, hypnotists and ice cream socials are just a few of the favorite on campus weekend activities. Check out what happens on the weekends here
  • Do I need to set up a checking account in town?

    Every student at Suffield has a debit account through the Academy bookstore. At their parents’ discretion, students are allotted a specified amount of money per week. To facilitate the exchange and wiring of money, most international students open an account with a local bank such as The First National Bank of Suffield or Webster Bank (both of which have branches directly across the street from campus).
  • What does my advisor do?

    Your advisor is meant to be the conduit between home and school, teachers, coaches and students. You will meet periodically with your advisor to discuss your schedule, classes and life on campus. Advisors are available to help answer questions and concerns and serve as advocates for their advisees when needed. Click here to learn more about the advisor program.
  • What if I want to play a sport that you don’t offer at Suffield?

    Until senior year, students are expected to participate in three seasons of team sports. In certain situations, the school will grant students athletic specials. For example, if you are practiced in ballet or horseback riding or karate you may request an “athletic special,” allowing you to participate in an athletic activity held off-campus for a term.
  • Where will I eat? Who will I sit with at meals? What is there to eat?

    During the week, lunches are formal sit down, family style affairs. Students are assigned to tables, so you need not worry where or with whom you’ll sit. Table assignments are rotated every three weeks in order for more students and faculty to meet one another. On game days (Wednesday and Saturday) lunches are casual, buffet-style. Dinners are usually casual, though formal dinners do occur throughout the year as well as once a week during the fall term. The dining hall staff prepares a hot entrée and soup for each meal. Students may also choose food from the salad, sandwich and pasta bars. Sunday brunch is a favorite meal, as is Thursday breakfast when omelets are served!
  • What can I do during my free time?

    The student union is a favorite spot on campus for socializing and grabbing a quick bite to eat. A television, board games and pool tables are available for your use during free time. If you have work to do, you might head to the library for some study time. Because the campus is located in the heart of Suffield, students are permitted to walk on and off campus to local stores and restaurants. You will need to sign-out in your dorm when you want to leave campus, and you’re responsible for returning to campus in time for your next commitment.
  • What about cell phones?

    Cell phones are not to be used during school commitments. These include academic classes, athletics, arts, or music specials, meals, and daytime and evening study halls. Cell phones are not to be used by boarding students after lights out.  The spirit of this rule is that students will use cell phones only when necessary and that they will do so in an appropriate fashion.  It is unacceptable for phones to be running or for students to be using them while attending to school commitments. 

  • How often can I go home or go away for the weekend?

    Students in good academic and social standing are allowed an unlimited number of (open) weekends away from campus. Students must receive permission from the Dean of Students’ Office to leave campus by Thursday afternoon. Weekend leaves begin on Saturday (after a student’s last commitment of the day), and end Sunday evening at 7:30 p.m.

    During closed weekends (such as the first weeks of school and exam periods) all boarders are required to be on campus.
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