Leadership: Grade 12

Leadership in Action: Preparing for Leadership
Each Suffield senior is expected to exercise significant leadership responsibilities at school. Class time during this seminar is used primarily to reflect on and improve students’ performance in their leadership roles and responsibilities.

Seniors actively engage in formal leadership positions such as:

Student Government
Discipline Committee
Chapel Committee
Amnesty International
Teaching Assistants

Head Waiters
Peer Tutor Leaders
Dormitory Proctors
Athletic Team Captains
Tour Guide Leaders

Work Program Inspectors
Writing Center Leaders
Gay-Straight Alliance
The Bell online student publication
Pioneer yearbook committee

Senior Speaker Series
The senior speaker series is another capstone experience in the Leadership Program and further enhances Suffield’s strong sense of community. As part of the series all seniors deliver a talk to the community during the school’s weekly chapel meeting. Talks highlight how students initially learned of Suffield, how their time here has unfolded, goals for the future, and valuable lessons learned. They serve as powerful motivation and remind us of the profound impact of the Suffield experience.

Senior Seminars
Suffield’s seniors participate in a three-part seminar that serves as a concluding aspect of the school’s Leadership Program. The meetings highlight important topics for graduates as they head on to the next stage in their lives. Led by Head of School Charlie Cahn, Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88, and CFO Patrick Booth, the seminars focus on Title IX and sexual misconduct, mindfulness, and financial awareness. The seminar led by Patrick hits on topics including credit scores, types of debt, and credit cards, and then moves to more global topics such as the 2008 financial correction and recession. The goal is to help students understand the connection between financial markets and the larger culture, and to be responsible about their personal financial footprints. Hillary’s seminar focuses on helping students understand what is happening to their bodies when they feel stress and on building strategies to manage these feelings. “We are reminding our seniors that we all have the tools within us to relieve anxiety and be more presently aware, which ultimately helps us get less caught up in our thoughts,” she says. The group discusses the power of meditative breathing and how it can help bring calm and clarity to our lives. The seminar on Title IX looks at the history of this groundbreaking legislation, its impact on higher education and American culture, and current issues facing students and schools related to sexual misconduct. Head of School Charlie Cahn notes, “In many ways this is the most pressing and high-profile issue of this era in higher education. Our students are knowledgeable about the background of topics tied to Title IX, and the seminar helps further important, candid dialogue about conduct and responsibility.”

We are reminding our seniors that we all have the tools within us to relieve anxiety and be more presently aware,
which ultimately helps us get less caught up in our thoughts.
Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88, P’18, ’22