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Tour Guides
Tour guide leaders serve as student ambassadors for prospective families and play a valuable role in the admissions process. As liaisons, tour guides provide a true sense of what it is like to be a Suffield Academy Tiger. They demonstrate a deep commitment to the school’s traditions and a clear understanding of the enrollment process.

Mentor Leaders
Senior Student Mentor Leaders have essential roles to support student mentors and new students. They have the ability to create and encourage positive relationships with others. Mentor Leaders are effective communicators who help with events throughout the year, are positive role models within the Suffield Academy community, and contribute to the success of the Mentor Program.

2023 Tour Guide Profiles


Katie Akers
The four-year senior boarding student from Weston, Connecticut says, “I chose Suffield because I wanted to embrace all of the new perspectives and opportunities the community had to offer. My four years have made me realize how much my teachers and advisors care for me and help me to be the best version of myself. Suffield has given me an opportunity to grow not only as a student but as a leader and community member and I love giving tours to show off what an incredible place it is.”


Connor Booth
Connor is a four-year boarding student from Wallingford, Connecticut, who recalls, “I chose Suffield because I could actually see myself being there in the future. My tour really cemented this from my time in the Union seeing how students interact with each other and my in-class experience seeing how students enjoyed classes.”


Walton Burdick
Walton is a four-year boarding student from Yorktown, New York, who loves Suffield traditions like Tiger Games and Color Wars. “I chose Suffield because of the strong relationships I saw between students and faculty on my visits to campus. The authentic care the teachers showed their students was comforting.”


Alexandra Cieplinski
Alexandra is a four-year day student from Westfield, Massachusetts. She says, “I love how Suffield is a safe space. It is a place where everyone is friends, and the teachers are there to help you. Suffield makes me feel like I can be myself and no matter what, there will always be people at this school for me to connect with.”


Lauren Egan
“My favorite class is the sophomore leadership class that I TA because I get to help teach and learn about leadership values to underclassmen. Leadership is very important at Suffield and to be a part of it for younger kids is a great opportunity to take advantage of,” says the four-year boarder from Scituate, Rhode Island.


Sophie Galaburda
A four-year boarding student from Westport, Connecticut, Sophie says, “I chose Suffield because of the sincere community, amazing opportunities, beautiful campus and facilities, and kind faculty and staff. Due to the gut feeling I got when I stepped onto campus, I knew this is where I wanted to spend my next four years. The level of care I received was unlike any other school I looked at.”


Cole Higgins
A four-year boarding student from South Windsor, Connecticut, Cole says, “I chose Suffield because of the community. When I first visited, I was greeted by many current students who seemed genuinely interested in me and in my family. Having an older sibling who graduated from Suffield, I knew what the community was all about and I knew it was the place to be.”


Ryan Jewell
“I chose Suffield because of the beautiful campus, inclusive community, and state-of-the-art facilities that I use daily,” says the three-year senior from Longmeadow, Massachusetts. “I love Suffield because it has simply changed my life. Ive developed skills like independence and leadership that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”


Jayson Mack
Jayson is a four-year senior boarder from Baldwin, New York, who says, “Suffield’s beautiful campus and supportive community stood out to me from day one. I love the supportive faculty and how teachers care about students as not only students, but also as people.”


Morgan Maglieri
Morgan is a four-year boarding student from Southborough, Massachusetts. She says, “I chose Suffield because of the extremely close and supportive community. You feel welcomed the minute you step on campus. The bonds created with your peers and the faculty allow you to grow and thrive here as a student, athlete, and person.”


Austin Moore
From Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, four-year day student Austin says, “Coming from a public school, the history classes here at Suffield could not be more different and more interesting than what I was accustomed to back home. The discussion-focused learning and integration of current events into the curriculum makes for awesome classes.”


Ken Pardo
“I chose Suffield Academy for the many outstanding values and morals it has that withstand the challenge of time,” says Ken, a fourth-year boarding student from South Bronx, New York. “From the inclusiveness to the generosity of respect found amongst all campus, I was sure from the moment I step on campus this was home.”


Cambell Rosow
“I love Suffield because of students’ ability to engage in a variety of different interests. I can play soccer and swim while still maintaining good grades and having time to hang out with friends,” says the four-year boarder from Fairfield, Connecticut. “I also love that the teachers are very eager to help. Whenever I have questions and need extra help, I can go to their dorm or meet them in the library which has been helpful in countless situations.”


Anna Ziegler
“I chose Suffield because from the moment I stepped on campus I felt like I belonged and had a place. I love that at Suffield the people on your sports teams or the people you live with in your dorm truly do become your family and you create such a tight bond with them,” says the three-year boarder from Vernon, New Jersey.

2022-2023 Suffield Academy Admissions Ambassadors: Tour Guides and Mentor Leaders