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Please fill out the Suffield Academy inquiry form to schedule your campus tour and interview. Appointments fill up quickly due to high demand and we encourage scheduling your visit as soon as possible. Our experienced admissions team is here to help support and guide you through the application process. Feel free to call 860-386-4440 or email—we are happy to answer any questions you have.

Meet Suffield Academy’s 2023-2024 Tour Guide Leaders


Henry Harding
“My favorite part about Suffield is the size. With 415 students, there are enough to find your group but you also know everyone on campus, both in terms of faculty and students. No one at Suffield is lost in the mix and everyone brings something important to the school,” says four-year boarding student Henry from Fairfield, Connecticut.


Chastity Blair
From Nassau, Bahamas, four-year senior Chastity says, “I love how Suffield offers an abundance of support systems that help students feel cared for. From your advisor, to your favorite teacher, so many people on campus are invested in each other’s well-being.”


Charlie Riegel
Charlie is a four-year day student from Suffield, Connecticut, who says, “I love Suffield’s campus. On sunny spring days there is nothing that compares to hanging out on the turf or on top of Bell Hill with your friends. The sense of community on campus and within classrooms is incomparable to other schools.”


Avery Freeman
“From the minute I stepped on campus. I knew I would be supported and valued as a student, athlete, and person. I love the beautiful campus and the bond between faculty and students. I never hesitate to reach out for extra help, as each teacher shows genuine care for each student,” says Avery, a boarding student and four-year senior from Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.


Brenden Toppin
Brenden is a four-year senior and day student from Glastonbury, Connecticut. With an interest in science, he says, “My favorite class is biology because I enjoy learning about the body and that’s the major I would like to study in college.”


Maeve Curtin
“My favorite class at Suffield is the Sophomore Leadership Class that I am a Teaching Assistant for, because it has enhanced my skills as a leader with true experience creating lesson plans, managing class activities, and assisting with their service projects,” says the four-year day student from Suffield, Connecticut.


Alexander Hochberg
Alexander, a three-year senior from New York City, says, “I chose Suffield because of the warm, family atmosphere I noticed during my tour. Community was a big factor for me, and the bonds that I noticed between students, and between students and the faculty, stood out to me. Suffield was also the perfect combination for me of high-level academics and athletics.”


Keyvanna Bennett
KeyVanna is a four-year senior from Windsor, Connecticut, who says, “I love that Suffield is a small school where everyone knows everyone and it gives us a chance to build strong relationships with students and faculty. Suffield has become a second home to me.”=


Noel Rivera
From New York City, three-year boarding student Noel says, “My favorite class at Suffield has been Engineering, because it’s a project-based class which creates a fun learning experience. I also love the sense of community here at Suffield.”


Nora Boino
The four-year senior from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts says, “I chose Suffield for the emphasis placed on supporting and nurturing a balanced and productive environment for a variety of students to thrive in not just one but all aspects of their lives. I love Suffield for the opportunities and support it has shown me and the connections and relationships it has allowed me to make.”


Robby Kurzer
Robby is a four-year senior from Bedford, New York who loves Suffield’s sports and social life. “Out of all the schools I looked at I saw Suffield as a community that cares so much about attending games and supporting all teams. I also love some of the main activities on campus such as Chill on the Hill, Tiger Games, and many more.”


Claire Griffith
A two-year day student from Westfield, Massachusetts, Claire chose Suffield “because of the unfeigned community, endless opportunities, and rigorous sports and academics. When I first stepped on campus, I was greeted by people who were genuinely interested in me and what I had to offer. I love the endless support from my teachers and advisors, helping to shape me into the best possible student I can be.”


Finn O’Keefe
Finn is a four-year senior and a boarder from Westfield, New Jersey, who says, “My favorite class by far this year was AP Lit. My teacher always initiated thought-provoking class discussions through the journal prompts we answered every class. The class offered a unique feeling of comfort, excitement, and fun that could not be found anywhere else but Suffield.”


Jessie Desnoes
Jessie is a four-year senior from Kingston, Jamaica, who “chose Suffield for its kind and friendly community. There is really a sense of family from the moment you walk on campus. I have made friends here that will stick with me for life and I could not be more grateful for this opportunity.”


Jack Caron
“I chose Suffield because of what the school had to offer and how the community was able to shape who I am,” says the four-year day student from Suffield, Connecticut. “Suffield is the perfect launch pad for college as each faculty member takes it as their duty to prepare you. Suffield does a great job by surrounding you with a good support group of people who only want you to succeed.”


Caroline Powell
Caroline is a two-year boarder from Charlotte, North Carolina who chose Suffield “because when I came to campus, I could feel that it was a safe space for all of the students. Seeing the students interact with each other, and with their teachers, showed me that it was a very inclusive environment and that was very important to me when I was looking at schools.”


Conor Tashjian
Conor is a three-year boarding student from Longmeadow, Massachusetts, who says, “Outside of the friendships I have built, I love Suffield due to the resources they give us to succeed. From the outstanding athletic facilities to the supportive yet rigorous academics, Suffield sets up everyone to achieve their goals.”


Sophie Winikur
Sophie is a four-year senior from Essex, Connecticut, who had the unique experience of being a day student for one year and a boarder for three years. “I chose Suffield because of the warm and inviting community. I love how Suffield is not just a school, but truly is a big family. Anyone and everyone is willing to help you and wants to see you succeed. Suffield has shaped me into the best version of myself, pushed to excel in independence and leadership, which are skills that will follow me for the rest of my life.”

Tour Guides

Tour guide leaders serve as student ambassadors for prospective families and play a valuable role in the admissions process. As liaisons, tour guides provide a true sense of what it is like to be a Suffield Academy Tiger. They demonstrate a deep commitment to the school’s traditions and a clear understanding of the enrollment process.