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Please fill out the Suffield Academy Inquiry form to schedule your campus tour and interview. Appointments fill up quickly due to high demand and we encourage scheduling your visit as soon as possible. Our experienced admissions team is here to help support and guide you through the application process. Feel free to call 860-386-4440 or email—we are happy to answer any questions you have.


Tour Guides
Tour guide leaders serve as student ambassadors for prospective families and play a valuable role in the admissions process. As liaisons, tour guides provide a true sense of what it is like to be a Suffield Academy Tiger. They demonstrate a deep commitment to the school’s traditions and a clear understanding of the enrollment process.


Harrison Cahn
“I chose Suffield because of the community and positive vibes I got from faculty and students,” says the four-year boarder, skier, and lacrosse player residing in Fuller Hall. “History is my favorite subject because of the Harkness method, where varying opinions and perspectives lead the discussion-based class. The teacher to student relationship at Suffield is unique and fosters an environment in which we are all excited to learn.”


Devon Carty
“Suffield feels like one big family and a home-away-from-home for both boarders and day students,” says the locally-born soccer star. “The faculty really care about us as individuals and make it a priority to be our teachers and friends. I found purpose at Suffield and love showing off our incredible school. Sit-down lunch is my favorite tradition because it provides opportunity to meet and know everyone in our joyful community.”


Cooper Choate
Cooper is a three-year senior and basketball player from Morris, Connecticut who values the passion and growth displayed throughout the Suffield community. “I chose Suffield because of the welcoming atmosphere I experienced on revisit day,” he says. “The faculty are easy to connect with and always willing to help. Suffield is the right place to be.”


Juliana Colaccino
“I chose Suffield because the community atmosphere really appealed to me,” says four-year local day student and dancer. “Because everyone is so open and friendly it felt like home right away. Our teachers are fun and engaging and truly kind people who care deeply about us. This is a non-judgmental and comforting environment where I’ve formed relationships that will last far beyond my high school years. There is a place here for everyone.”


Libbie Foster
Libbie is a photographer from Southlake, Texas who calls Suffield an uplifting, caring, and friendly community. “I love photography because it provides me a creative outlet. What makes Suffield so special are the connections you make with faculty and friends. Bell Hill is a great place to hang out and watch stunning sunsets. Our teachers make learning fun.”


Caroline Greco
Caroline is a four-year legacy, day student, and field hockey player from West Hartford, Connecticut who loves to ring The Bell after winning a home game. “I adore our team and the sport,” she says. “Everyone is welcoming and embraces one another. Suffield is a safe place that helps you to grow as a person, student, and athlete.”


Michael Greystone
“Sit-down lunch is my favorite Suffield tradition because you spend time with members of the community you may not otherwise see,” says the senior from Southborough, Massachusetts now residing in Fuller Hall. “European Studies is my favorite class because I enjoy learning about how the past is tied to the present.”


Stephanie Karmitz
Stephanie is a four-year senior from Toronto, Canada who competes in volleyball, swimming, and crew. “My advisor is always available to talk and constantly reaches out to see how I am. Suffield is a supportive, balanced community and I felt welcomed right away. Classes are hands-on and inclusive to our diverse student body. I enjoy showing people why I love my Suffield.”


Grace Kotchen
“I chose Suffield for its tight-knit community,” says the four-year legacy from Irvington, New York. “The relationships with faculty and friendships formed make Suffield so special. My favorite school tradition is Tiger Games. It’s a wonderful way to introduce students to the community and show school spirit.”


Jina Lee
Born in Busan, South Korea but raised in Ulsan, Jina is a four-year senior who says the faculty at Suffield always welcome you with a smile: “I chose Suffield because I could imagine myself flourishing here. It is a place where students are constantly challenged to earn rewarding results. Bell Hill is a wonderful place to wrap up your day and catch a beautiful Suffset.”


Jack Lynam
“I’ve played a variety of sports here at Suffield—from cross country to lacrosse to alpine skiing and winter crew,” says the local day student. “Suffield Academy has a real sense of community and excellent learning systems that encouraged me to grow considerably as an individual. Tiger Games is a great way to start off the school year.”


Nico Menendez-Featherston
Nico is a Spanish-speaking day student and tri-varsity athlete in water polo, swimming, and lacrosse from Avon, Connecticut whose parents hail from Argentina. “I enjoy the true dedication and work ethic it takes to be a successful swimmer,” he says. “I chose Suffield because of the community atmosphere and the faculty’s devotion to their students. It is the people here that make Suffield so special.”


Ella Miller
“Suffield Academy is a place where everyone is genuinely happy and truly looks out for your best interest,” says the local day student, four-year senior, and tri-varsity athlete in soccer, squash, and lacrosse. “The balance between athletics and academics is what makes this school so easy to love. Suffield helped me to grow as an individual by encouraging me to feel comfortable yet challenged. The Suffield community is so welcoming and I want to ensure families feel that way when they first step on campus.”


Maeve Moylan
A day student from West Hartford, Connecticut, Maeve plays varsity field hockey, squash, and lacrosse. “I chose Suffield because of the loving community and small size that enables strong relationships between students and teachers and players and coaches. All the teams I’ve played for are supportive and fun. Sit-down lunch is where I made some of my closest friends. I like showing to prospective families why Suffield is so amazing.”


Gabby Nunez
“As a tour guide, I like meeting new people and showing off our school,” says the four-year day student from Suffield. “We truly have the best caring, athletic community. Our teachers always make time for extra help and all of our awesome traditions—colors wars, Tiger games, sit-down lunch, chapel, ringing The Bell—make Suffield very special and fun. I’ve formed countless memories with my teammates and friends.”


Avery Rappaport
“Our Leadership program helps students find their place in this welcoming, enthusiastic community,” says the day-student diver from Simsbury, Connecticut. “I love sharing with prospective families the distance I’ve traveled since freshman year. I’ve really enjoyed Biology because it dives deeply into all aspects of life with particular attention to ecology, anatomy, and biochemistry. Our faculty present positive energy and a love for teaching.”


Hannah Skalski
“Suffield provides a great balance between academics and athletics to ensure everyone feels welcomed and wanted,” says the varsity field hockey and lacrosse player from Somers, Connecticut. “My advisor is also my college counselor and coach and is the kindest person who is always there to help me. My favorite class is English where my teachers engendered in me a love for reading and writing and expressing myself. Sit-down lunch is a great time to meet new people and make new friends.”


Sophia Tosone
Sophia is a swimmer and legacy whose alumna mother Kelli ’90 works in the college counseling department. “After attending events before even being a student, I knew I wanted to be a part of this community. Having a relatively small student body makes it easy to meet and know everyone. Our swim team is like a close-knit family who I have enjoyed bonding with on training trips. I love being a tour guide and sharing my lifelong Suffield experience.”


Cole Vandevanter
“Suffield has an indescribable feeling that no other school possesses,” says the senior day student and skier from Suffield, Connecticut. “My advisor is always there for me whenever I have a question or need help inside or outside the classroom. As a tour guide, I love sharing my incredible Suffield experience with prospective students and families.”


Campbell White
“As soon as I set foot on campus, I had a gut feeling this was the place I wanted to spend the next four years,” says the senior tennis player from Canton, Ohio. “I felt so incredibly welcomed and everyone was so kind and supportive. The people at Suffield—faculty, staff, and students—are what makes the experience so special. I always know I can reach out to anyone for help when I need it.”


Henry White
“My advisor always pushes me to be my best self,” says the second-year boarder from Simsbury, Connecticut. “The healthy balance between academics and athletics and constant support from the community is what makes Suffield so unique and special. Suffield is a challenging but social place to learn and grow. As a tour guide, I am an open book and will answer any questions.”