Financial Aid & Scholarships

It is our hope that the ability to pay the full tuition will not be the deciding factor in determining whether a promising young person may attend Suffield. We have a Financial Aid Philosophy based on the aim to:

  • Provide deserving students with an opportunity for an excellent education that might otherwise be unobtainable.
  • Provide the school with a well-qualified student body reflecting a broad social and economic mix.

A substantial financial aid budget provides need-based grants and scholarships or a combination of these two resources for tuition assistance. Intended as a supplement to family resources, financial aid awards are made not only to families whose ability to pay is extremely limited, but also to those of more substantial means who may need only a minor subsidy to meet the tuition charges. Parents who feel they need financial assistance are encouraged to request it. Approximately one-third of new and returning students at the Academy receive financial aid. Awards are made with the understanding that the Academy and each family have priorities that demonstrate a commitment to common goals and values.

The Suffield Academy Financial Aid Budget

The Financial Aid Committee assesses the need and determines the amount of award for each financial aid applicant who is offered admission.  The Committee assumes that each family receiving financial assistance will make the funding of their child’s education a priority over other experiences such as enrichment programs, family trips, and summer camps.

If the total financial need of accepted applicants exceeds the financial aid budget, decisions will be based on individual merit and institutional need. In these situations the awards will be based on financial need and on overall past performance and future promise. Communication with families on the waiting list will come if aid becomes available at a later date.

Renewals for Returning Students

Every financial aid award is made for one academic year. To renew the award parents must reapply by January of each year in which financial aid is sought and must follow the same procedures [file an annual financial statement and income tax forms]. The size of the award may vary if the family’s financial circumstances change significantly, however, parents can expect similar grants in future years at Suffield.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Suffield Academy subscribes to the principles and services of the School & Student Services for Financial Aid, which provides a financial analysis based on the parents’ confidential statement of need. This service provides basic information to the Financial Aid Committee, which makes the final decision on financial aid awards. Families can apply for financial aid by visiting the SSS website and completing the Parents' Financial Statement. Suffield Academy’s code is 7558.

Registered students need to submit a copy of their official 2022 tax return when ready.
No financial aid award is final until the official 2022 tax return is received. If there are any special circumstances that are not addressed in your financial application, but you would like to be considered, please send a letter addressed to Sean Atkins, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, detailing these issues.

All financial information that we receive is held in the strictest confidence, as are the decisions made by the Financial Aid Committee. Paperwork submitted will only be seen by the members of the Financial Aid Committee and, in special cases, by the Head of School. It is also expected that families will keep in confidence financial arrangements made with Suffield.

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Statement of Equity
Admission to Suffield Academy and access to the Financial Aid Program are open to students of any sex, race, color, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, physical attributes, disability, or sexual orientation.

Leadership Scholars Award

Leadership skills are of great importance to the student experience at Suffield Academy. In order to emphasize leadership development we have a program that each year provides partial merit scholarships to new students who demonstrate exceptional leadership potential and are likely to inspire leadership on the part of their peers. The criteria for selection include demonstrated leadership potential and a history of academic achievement. Leadership Scholars are chosen by the Admissions Committee at the time of acceptance and no further application is required.