Meet the Tour Guides

Each year, Suffield selects some of their best tour guides to be Tour Guide Leaders during their senior year. This position is one of the culminating components of the Leadership Program which means that the tour guide leaders must exemplify the seven elements that comprise the program: personal mastery, moral foundation, goal-setting, communication skills, problem-solving, self-awareness, and inspiring & mobilizing others. For more information, or to speak with a Tour Guide Leader, please contact the Admissions Office at 860-386-4440.

Olivia Alfano

A four-year senior from Suffield, Connecticut, Olivia is a Suffield Academy legacy of three generations. She describes Suffield as nurturing, challenging, and rewarding. “I enjoy sharing the school with families and letting them know how much I love Suffield,” she says. “I also like showing off our beautiful campus and all the new additions. It is truly something to be proud of.”

Dominic Colangelo

Dominic is a four-year senior from Suffield, Connecticut, who was drawn to the Academy because of its active, diverse community. An ardent member of the theater program he says, “Whether it’s attending athletic games or supporting the musical, you can count on the entire school’s participation. I love it here.”

Becca Bauer

Becca is a four-year senior born in Cape Town, South Africa, who now lives in Southborough, Massachusetts. She is a devout member of the cross-country team and this year’s student council president. “I chose Suffield because it felt like home,” she says. “People here are happy, inviting, and authentic.”

Nkosi Cooper

Nkosi is a four-year senior from Baldwin, New York, who is passionate about basketball. “Every day is a new opportunity to improve,” he says. “The combination of robust academics and strong athletics is what sets Suffield apart. Everyone here is committed to making the Academy a great place.”

Audrey Arthur

Audrey is a four-year senior from West Orange, New Jersey who calls Suffield challenging and memorable. “The curriculum has so many unique offerings,” she says. “I like Advanced Image Making the most because it expands my creative horizons as an artist. I’m often inspired by the beautiful view framed beneath the bell.”

Jonathan Walker

Jonathan is a four-year senior and talented squash player from Kingston, Jamaica who calls Suffield a safe, healthy, and vibrant environment. “I chose Suffield because of all the smiling faces I saw here,” he says. “My favorite Suffield tradition is the speeches our seniors all make at chapel because I love learning new things about members of our community.”

Georgia Hannock

Georgia is an environmental enthusiast and four-year senior from Williamstown, Massachusetts who calls Suffield a uniquely fun home. “I love it when the entire community gets together to enjoy time outside our everyday routine,” she says. “For this reason, my favorite Suffield traditions are Tiger Games and Chill on the Hill.”

Nicole Lee

Originally from Seoul, Korea, Nicole is a four-year senior who also calls Jericho, New York and Palo Alto, California her homes. “I chose Suffield because I fell in love with the campus and the people I met during my tour,” she says. She aspires to be a surgeon and is proud to share her positive experiences and affection for Suffield as a tour guide.

Kate Killam

Kate is a four-year senior from Suffield, Connecticut whose family legacy includes her dad, aunt, uncle, and two brothers. Her favorite sport is softball, her favorite Suffield tradition is sit-down lunch, and her favorite subject is science. “I enjoy Anatomy and Physiology the most,” she says, “because I love learning about how and why our bodies function the way they do.”

Caleigh McNamara

Caleigh is a four-year senior from Sudbury, Massachusetts. “The second I stepped on campus I saw myself coming here,” she says. “The people are amazing and everyone can discover their own niche. My favorite Suffield traditions are Tiger Games and Holiday Dinner.”

Tayla Ziadie

Tayla is a three-year senior from Kingston, Jamaica. “Not a day goes by here without seeing people laughing or smiling or simply having a great time together,” she says. “I love sitting atop Bell Hill watching a Suff-set with my friends. I wanted to find a school where I felt at home and that’s exactly what I discovered here.”

Brett Bischoping

Brett is a three-year senior from Austin, Texas who was drawn to Suffield Academy because of its superior reputation in academics and athletics. He refers to his experience here as intense, rewarding, and fun. About being a tour guide he says, “I enjoy meeting new people and sharing with them the power of a Suffield education.”

Becca Matalon

A four-year senior from Kingston, Jamaica, Becca says choosing Suffield was definitely the right decision for her. “The faculty motivates us to step outside our comfort zones to achieve new levels of growth and success,” she says. “Ringing the bell after each home-game win and on graduation day is an honored tradition unique to the Suffield experience.”

Tyler Pereira

Tyler is a three-year senior from Narragansett, Rhode Island who chose Suffield because of its healthy balance between academics, athletics, and social life. “On the football field I feel a team bond and comradery I haven’t experienced in other sports,” he says. “Holmes Field is where I feel most like myself.”

Savannah Ziba

From Southwick, Massachusetts, Savannah is a four-year senior who calls Suffield a caring, tight-knit, and supportive environment. Best known for her legendary Mary’s Mac n’ Cheese, Savannah’s grandmother retired in 2017 after a 35-year career in Suffield’s dining services. “Everyone here welcomes you with a big smile,” she says. “The faculty challenges us to perform our best but are also there to help us when we need support.”

Jackson Pentz

The son of faculty members Amy and Chris Pentz, Jackson grew up calling Suffield his home. A gifted baseball player and forward on the varsity soccer team, Jackson has developed an academic interest on CRISPR genome editing. “I’m proud to welcome people into this dynamic community,” he says. “I know what a positive impact Suffield will have on their lives.”

William Hunnewell

Will is a four-year senior from Edina, Minnesota, who calls Suffield spirited and welcoming. “I chose Suffield because I felt the people here are more genuine than anywhere else,” he says. “My favorite tradition is ringing the bell after winning a home game, and my favorite place on campus is the ceramics studio.”

Mariah Speller

Mariah is a two-year senior from Highstown, New Jersey who defines Suffield with three words: pride, spirit, unity. “I remember what it was like as a prospective student and want families to feel the same warm welcome I felt,” she says. “I knew from my first visit Suffield was the right school for me.”

Paityn Bergstol

An avid volleyball player since a young age, Paityn is a four-year senior from Closter, New Jersey. “I knew I wanted to attend Suffield as soon as I visited,” she says. “I had a good feeling about the school, especially when each student passing by said hello and made me feel welcomed.”

Natalie Castonguay

Natalie is a four-year senior from Avon, Connecticut. “Our campus and facilities are so beautiful, and I am so glad I came here,” she says. “The view from the top floor of the new Memorial Building is spectacular, and I really enjoy sit-down lunch with the entire student body and faculty.”

Daisy Fauver

Daisy is a three-year senior from Bedford, New York who calls Suffield encouraging and inclusive. “The faculty here love what they do and always want to see us succeed,” she says. “My classes are always interesting and entertaining.”

Savi Tompkins

Savi is a four-year senior and legacy from Telluride, Colorado with a reverence for nature. “Our renowned SOLO program is such a unique piece of the Suffield experience,” she says. “Being outdoors helped shape my childhood and fondest memories. Suffield offers so many phenomenal activities.”

Dylan Chase

Dylan is a second-year senior from Rye, New Hampshire who is passionate about baseball. “Our athletic facilities give us a huge advantage,” he says. “But I chose Suffield because of how close everyone is here. I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve built with our students and faculty.”

Alejandro Mozos Prieto

Alejandro matriculated to Suffield last year as a junior from Madrid, Spain. “I chose Suffield because of its excellent reputation around the world,” he says. A devoted soccer fan, Alejandro is also a member of Suffield’s tennis program. “As a tour guide my goal is to make our guests feel comfortable and welcome on campus.”

Gabi De Simone

Gabi is a four-year senior from Manhasset Hills, New York. “When I give tours, I see myself in prospective students and their families remind me of my own,” she says. “Suffield is an inclusive community that fosters close friendships and has rich traditions. I chose Suffield because I believed I could call it home.”

Chris Burke

A four-year senior and lacrosse player from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, Chris had three older siblings attend Suffield Academy. “Our lacrosse coach motivates us, believes in us, and pushes us to the best of our ability,” he says. “The student union is where visitors can get a full sense of our diverse, authentic community.”

Eliza Gregory

A four-year senior from Aspen, Colorado, Eliza is a naturally born adventurer and a member of the alpine ski team. “Suffield offers a lot of the outdoor activities I grew up doing,” she says. “My favorite place on campus is the SOLO barn. It offers a climbing wall, high ropes course, and beautiful expanse of land to relax our minds.”

Peyton Beiter

Peyton is a two-year senior from Suffield, Connecticut. “You are encouraged to be whatever kind of person you want to be at Suffield,” she says. “History and politics are my favorite subjects, and I can see myself practicing law in the future. Sit-down lunch connects you with students and faculty you may not otherwise see in classes or athletics.”
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