Meet the Tour Guides 2019-2020

Each year, Suffield selects some of their best tour guides to be Tour Guide Leaders during their senior year. This position is one of the culminating components of the Leadership Program which means that the tour guide leaders must exemplify the seven elements that comprise the program: personal mastery, moral foundation, goal-setting, communication skills, problem-solving, self-awareness, and inspiring & mobilizing others. For more information, or to speak with a Tour Guide Leader, please contact the Admissions Office at 860-386-4440.

Jack Cobb

From Old Brookeville, New York, Jack is a four-year senior and decorated alpine skier: “Nothing you achieve here will ever go unnoticed, in the classroom or on the field. I like sharing with families what I love about this school.”

Alana Colaccino

A day student from Suffield and four-year senior, Alana always wanted to attend the Academy: “When I visited the school I really fell in love with the supportive, balanced community. Now as a senior I do not want to leave!”

Tim Bell

“As soon as I stepped on Suffield’s campus, I felt welcomed by a community that cares about me,” says Tim from Windsor, Connecticut. “Suffield Academy is friendly and nurturing.”

Julie Raporte

Julie is a four-year senior and legacy from Princeton, New Jersey, who enjoys science and math, tennis and volleyball: “My favorite class is Environmental Science because it challenges us to acknowledge our impact on the world.”

Justin Barron

Justin is a two-year senior and football player from Rocky Hill, Connecticut: “Suffield is a place where students and teachers form connections in and outside the classroom. I like helping our school grow stronger.”

Michaela Domino

Michaela is a four-year senior from New Canaan, Connecticut, who thinks of Suffield as a second home: “I felt something very special here the moment I stepped on campus. It is a supportive, warm, and vibrant family community.”

Tyler Van Dyke

Tyler is a four-year senior and football player from Glastonbury, Connecticut, who also loves numbers, putting things together, and golf: “My favorite places on campus are our newly renovated Holmes Field and Memorial Academic Center.”

Sophia Shay

“I feel deeply comforted by this supportive environment and am always an active participant in the community,” says Sophia from Southborough, Massachusetts. “As a tour guide, I love answering curiosities about our school.”

Conor Hawkins

A four-year senior and baseball player from Farmington, Connecticut, Conor says his teachers and coaches helped him develop as a student and person: “I would not be who I am today without their support.”

Karly Higgins

“Suffield is a tight-knit, unique, and loving place,” says Karly from South Windsor, Connecticut. As a tour guide, I enjoy sharing with visiting families my home away from home.”

Jalin Sinclair

Jalin is a basketball player From the Lower East Side of Manhattan who describes Suffield as diverse and versatile: “We all have a common aim of treating people with respect and kindness.”

Izzy Lussier

A four-year senior from West Suffield, Connecticut, Izzy says Suffield is inclusive, exciting, and friendly: “I enjoy formal lunch and getting to know people on a more personal level. Suffield changes your life.”

Vivian Riegel

The granddaughter and daughter of longtime faculty members, Vivian’s family has a long legacy at Suffield: “Suffield is an amazing place that is warm and welcoming to everyone.”

Myles Bard

A four-year senior and baseball player from New York City, Myles calls Suffield an enthusiastic and kind environment: “I enjoy being a tour guide and giving back to the school. Suffield helped me to improve myself.”

Liv Marcyoniak

Olivia is a field hockey player from Westfield, Massachusetts, who describes Suffield as supportive, welcoming, and unique: “I chose Suffield because of the feeling I got while visiting and all the wonderful people I met.”

Sabrina Louro

From Windsor, Connecticut, Sabrina is an avid performer who participates in musicals, dance, and guitar shows. About being a tour guide she says, “I like meeting new people and sharing with them why I love Suffield.”

Tyler Sylvester

“My older brother attended Suffield, and I wanted to share the experience,” says Tyler from Darien, Connecticut. “Lacrosse is my passion and how I express myself. Suffield helped me grow as an athlete and student.”

Grace Reeves

Grace is a four-year senior from Paget, Bermuda: “I feel very much at home here among so many international students, especially our large group of Bermudians. Suffield is a tight-knit, supportive community.”

Amanda Kikonyogo

From Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Amanda says Suffield’s support system sets it apart from other schools: “We are a widely diverse group of individuals all sharing equal opportunities to thrive. I am my best self at Suffield.”

Colt Jarvis

Colt is a soccer player from West Hartford, Connecticut, who credits Suffield for teaching him how to be caring and kind: “I was welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. Suffield offers endless amounts of opportunities for growth.”

Nick Selvitelli

Nick is a four-year senior who has been a part of Suffield since the age of four: “Telethon is my favorite tradition because it showcases our diverse set of talents and identifies what makes Suffield so unique.”

Laurel Vardakas

Laurel is a four-year senior and legacy from Longmeadow, Massachusetts, who is passionate about dance: “We have such a great team of dancers and coaches who make every day better than the last. I love it here.”

Mitch Powers

Mitch is a three-year senior from Glastonbury, Connecticut, and a real steal for baseball. “Suffield is a safe and special place,” he describes. “I enjoy meeting new families and ensuring they enjoy their tour when visiting Suffield for the first time.”

Gabriella Tosone

“My favorite tradition is not stepping on the school seal because it sends a proud message of respect throughout our community,” says Gabriella. “This is a wonderful place to learn and grow and where I’ve made forever friends.”

Jack Jennings

Jack is a four-year senior from Locust Valley, New York, who likes meeting the future faces of Suffield: “Esse Quam Videri are the three words that best describe our school.”

Lander Dalton

Lander is from Bedford, New York, and says his Suffield experience made him a better person: “Suffield is friendly, fruitful, and eye-opening, and I enjoy helping prospective students understand its rich history and traditions.”
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