Four-Year College Counseling

Junior Leadership College101

The 11th-grade curriculum—College 101—is taught in regular weekly Leadership classes during the winter and spring terms. This course covers topics such as:

  1. Self-reflection and discovery on what will be the right college “fit”
  2. The importance of self-advocacy throughout the college search
  3. Instruction on researching colleges and building a balanced college list
  4. Tips on how to get the most out of a college fair and campus visit

Individual work with their assigned college counselor begins in January, and a working college list is typically developed by March break. College visits during the spring and summer vacations are encouraged, and at the end of College 101, juniors will attend an annual college fair hosted by a Hartford area independent school.

It is common for juniors to take their first SAT in January, and ACT in February or April (students are advised to take both tests at least once). By the end of junior year, using cumulative GPA and test scores college counselors are able to help families get a sense of expected admission outcomes.