School Theme and Community Charity

Over the past decade Suffield has had an annual school theme it examines over the course of the academic year.

The philosophy of the program is based on having a shared intellectual experience while raising awareness of pertinent and timely issues. Components include a speaker series, charity fundraiser, film and discussion program, and community text. Past themes focused on courage, loyalty, gratitude, identity, conviction, balance, and community.

Journey’s was Suffield’s school theme for the 2019-2020 academic year. Used as both a noun and a verb, journey refers to traveling. We would like to focus on appreciating our personal journeys, and being intentional about pursuing goals. Our community text, Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture, encourages us to discover what matters most to us—our dreams and hopes—and make these as priorities as we proceed through our lives. We hope this theme helps Suffield students and faculty members identify and prioritize core goals and values, and closely focus on them as their personal and collective journeys unfold.

Each year Suffield Academy supports a charitable organization with three school-wide fundraising events scattered throughout the academic calendar. The organization is chosen by the students. Students nominate a cause that is important to them, speak about the cause in front of the entire community, and then the community votes on the recipient.

Annual Charities

TeamBrent  Spread awareness of Neuroblastoma PSA [2018-2019]

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy  A fight to end Duchenne [2017-2018]

Akshaya Patra  Unlimited food for education in India [2016-2017] 

Circle of Care  Supporting families of children with cancer [2015-2016] 

Spouts of Water  Water filters in Uganda [2014-2015] 

Hearts of the Father Outreach  Homes for orphan refugees in Ghana, West Africa, Tamil Nadu, Southern India and the United States [2013-2014] 

Charity Water  Clean water to developing countries [2012-2013] 

Autism Speaks  Sponsoring Autism research [2011-2012] 

The Petit Family Foundation  Education, chronic illness, and violence [2010-2011] 

Camp Sunshine  A retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses [2009-2010] 

HARC, Inc.  Quality, inclusion, and dignity for the intellectually disabled [2008-2009] 

Jambo Tanzania  A sustainable healthcare focused center in the Kagera Region of Tanzania, that provides quality patient-focused affordable care [2007-2008] 

Interval House  Preventing the cycle of domestic violence [2006-2007] 

The Jimmy Fund  Supporting adult and pediatric cancer care and research [2005-2006]