Student Tour Guides

Tour guide leaders serve as student ambassadors for prospective families and play an important role in the admissions process. As liaisons, tour guides provide a true sense of what it is like being a Suffield Academy Tiger. They demonstrate a deep commitment to the school’s traditions and clear understanding of the enrollment process. Tour guides share a universal love for Suffield and believe a campus-wide tour is the best way to experience its warm, tight-knit community. Not only are they proud of their school but provide invaluable insight throughout the admissions process.
Nicole Boutry

Nicole is a swimmer from Greenwich, Connecticut, who describes her team as one big family: “Our challenges and achievements bring us closer together. We are a community based on respect and acceptance.”
Will Schmitz

Will Schmitz is a four-year senior from Simsbury, Connecticut: “This is the best place to grow and push yourself as an athlete, student, and person. Our teachers and coaches bring energy and excitement to the classrooms and fields every day.”
Abby Hick

“The people at Suffield genuinely care about us,” says the day student from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. “You can clearly tell the students and faculty want to be here and are happy and appreciative of one another.”
Cassie Dumay

“Suffield is full of opportunity,” says Cassie from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. “I am really impressed by the four-year college counseling program. The faculty teaches us to be independent while providing enough resources so we never feel alone.”
AJ Skalski

From Somers, Connecticut, AJ is anxious to start the 2020-2021 academic year: “I’m excited to be back on campus with my friends and enjoying Bell Hill sunsets once again. The teachers here are always willing to dedicate their time to helping us.”
Hunter Tran

From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Hunter describes Suffield as “exhilarating, welcoming, and open-minded.” He adds, “The diversity of experiences and overwhelming support from peers and faculty make Suffield a place where I can freely express my creativity and passion for the visual arts.”
Reagan Russell

“Suffield helped fuel my passion for activism and social justice,” says the senior boarder from Nassau, The Bahamas. “It’s a place that makes you feel wanted and encourages you to be a voice for the voiceless. Being a tour guide is an enjoyable way for me to give back.”
Kate Diep

From Hastings on Hudson, New York, Kate says the Suffield community is nurturing and supportive: “Our teachers and coaches push us to be our best selves. My favorite class is Advanced Vocal Techniques & Staging (AVTS) because it provides a creative outlet during a busy school day.”
Chris Hostetter

From Kensington, London, Chris fell in love with Suffield’s campus during his first visit and tour: “Suffield Academy maintains the perfect balance between academics and athletics.” The three-year senior adds, “I couldn’t thank my teachers and coaches enough for being such great mentors.”
Joe Rusnock

“This is an amazing network of outstanding student-athletes,” says the senior from Suffield, Connecticut. “I know that by graduating from Suffield Academy I am setting myself up for great things no matter where my journey takes me.”
Brigid Lawry

“The student union is the center of our daily lives with a bright and happy atmosphere,” says the senior from Westfield, Massachusetts. “My favorite class is Leadership because it focuses on kindness and service.”
Carly Litt

“I value Suffield’s inclusive, supportive, and welcoming community,” says the senior from Greenwich, Connecticut. “The faculty tells you how it is and always has your best interest in mind.”
George Bauer

“Suffield feels like home,” says the senior basketball player from Southborough, Massachusetts. “Both the faculty and students play a major role in making this a fun and exciting tight-knit community.”
Grace Caso

“Suffield was the best overall fit for both my two sisters and me,” says the four-year varsity soccer player from Ellington, Connecticut. “The people at Suffield are like no other anywhere else. Our teachers and coaches are role models we can depend on and willing to do almost anything to help us succeed.”
Naila Gomez

“The strong sense of community on campus drew me in, and I could automatically tell I belonged here,” says the performer from Brooklyn, New York. “Acting was totally new to me before exploring the arts at Suffield. I now audition for every play and musical.”
Nate Rouette

“Whether it be the constant feeling of home or students’ extraordinary school spirit, you will always find something new that makes Suffield a special place,” says the four-year soccer player from North Granby, Connecticut.
Robyn Campos

“What makes Suffield so special is the kindness displayed throughout our community,” says the senior from Sherborn, Massachusetts. “Everyone here is willing to help each other excel in everything we do.”
Elm Piyasombatkul

“What you see is what you get,” is how Elm describes Suffield’s warm, friendly, and accepting environment. The four-year senior from Nonthaburi, Thailand adds, “I love sharing my school spirit with prospective students. Here you can discover your own place and make an impact.”