Tour Guides

Tour Guide Alana Colaccino
Alana Colaccino

A day student from Suffield and four-year senior, Alana always wanted to attend the Academy: “When I visited the school I really fell in love with the supportive, balanced community. Now as a senior I do not want to leave!”

Amanda Kikonyogo
Amanda Kikonyogo

From Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Amanda says Suffield’s support system sets it apart from other schools: “We are a widely diverse group of individuals all sharing equal opportunities to thrive. I am my best self at Suffield.”

Suffield Academy Tour Guide Colt Jarvis
Colt Jarvis

Colt is a soccer player from West Hartford, Connecticut, who credits Suffield for teaching him how to be caring and kind: “I was welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. Suffield offers endless amounts of opportunities for growth.”

Suffield Academy Tour Guide Conor Hawkins
Conor Hawkins

A four-year senior and baseball player from Farmington, Connecticut, Conor says his teachers and coaches helped him develop as a student and person: “I would not be who I am today without their support.”

Suffield Academy Tour Guide Gabriella Tosone
Gabriella Tosone

My favorite tradition is not stepping on the school seal because it sends a proud message of respect throughout our community. This is a wonderful place to learn and grow and where I’ve made forever friends.

Suffield Academy Tour Guide Izzy Lussier
Izzy Lussier

A four-year senior from West Suffield, Connecticut, Izzy says Suffield is inclusive, exciting, and friendly: “I enjoy formal lunch and getting to know people on a more personal level. Suffield changes your life.”

Suffield Academy Tour Guide Jack Cobb
Jack Cobb

From Old Brookeville, New York, Jack is a four-year senior and decorated alpine skier: “Nothing you achieve here will ever go unnoticed, in the classroom or on the field. I like sharing with families what I love about this school.”

Suffield Academy Tour Guide Jack Jennings
Jack Jennings

Jack is a four-year senior from Locust Valley, New York, who likes meeting the future faces of Suffield: “Esse Quam Videri are the three words that best describe our school.”

Suffield Academy Tour Guide Jalin Sinclair

Jalin is a basketball player from the Lower East Side of Manhattan who describes Suffield as diverse and versatile: “We all have a common aim of treating people with respect and kindness.”

Suffield Academy Tour Guide Julia Raporte

Julie is a four-year senior and legacy from Princeton, New Jersey, who enjoys science and math, tennis and volleyball: “My favorite class is Environmental Science because it challenges us to acknowledge our impact on the world.”

Suffield Academy Tour Guide Justin Barron

Justin is a two-year senior and football player from Rocky Hill, Connecticut: “Suffield is a place where students and teachers form connections in and outside the classroom. I like helping our school grow stronger."

Suffield Academy Tour Guide Karly Higgins

“Suffield is a tight-knit, unique, and loving place,” says Karly from South Windsor, Connecticut. As a tour guide, I enjoy sharing with visiting families my home away from home.”

Suffield Academy Tour GuideLander Dalton

Lander is from Bedford, New York, and says his Suffield experience made him a better person: “Suffield is friendly, fruitful, and eye-opening, and I enjoy helping prospective students understand its rich history and traditions.”

Suffield Academy Tour Guide LAUREL VARDAKAS

Laurel is a four-year senior and legacy from Longmeadow, Massachusetts, who is passionate about dance: “We have such a great team of dancers and coaches who make every day better than the last. I love it here.”

Suffield Academy Tour Guide MICHAELA DOMINO

Michaela is a four-year senior from New Canaan, Connecticut, who thinks of Suffield as a second home: “I felt something very special here the moment I stepped on campus. It is a supportive, warm, and vibrant family community.”