David Poverman
Well I’m coping [with COVID-19] at almost 87. My three great kids and their families seem closer and more united than ever before. I attribute my success at this to the amazing effect that Suffield and specifically Stan Ward, my economics teacher and dorm proctor, had in developing my self-confidence, analytical thinking, and social skills. My time with Stan at Suffield ushered me through a successful career from early computer programming in 1957 through several commanding jobs in Fortune 500 companies. The ability to prepare and plan were Suffield skills that made my business life at Amoco, Ford, Mack Truck, and Lipton Tea successful and now had me well prepared for a pandemic. We did not need to run out and panic buy because we were well prepared. For example, when Super Storm Sandy devastated our area I already had a house generator. Suffield heightened my desire to learn and explore and attempt new things. I’ve proudly traveled to all 50 states and five continents while also a licensed sports car racer. Theses Suffield skills are working now it is okay to shelter at home because there is always something to create or a problem to solve or a way to help others. I enjoy time with my wife of almost 67 years. Suffield put the Tiger in my spirit.

Chip Beers
I am retired after working as an educator and psychologist for 55 years. I am 82 years old now.

John O’Connell
I am enjoying life at the lake. The family continues to grow with 16 grandchildren and five and three-quarter great grandchildren. I’ve been married for 62 years.

John Taylor
I am in retirement coaching middle school soccer and baseball as a pitching coach.

Jack Locke
Those of us old folks who are survivors, at least thus far, have it made. Our check shows up every month and we don’t have to worry about losing our healthcare. At this point, the length of my hair is becoming either college professor or street derelict.

Bruce Glass
A friend who directs several on-profit senior care facilities asked me to step in as administrator of one of his nursing homes. This has been my profession for the last 35 years, but I am semi-retired, and did so only as a favor. It turned out to be just in time for the coronavirus onslaught. Being on the front lines reminds me how many healthcare workers are truly heroes. They come to work in spite of fears, low pay, poor recognition, and short-staffing because they care about the people under their egis. It has been a pleasure helping out in this difficult time.

Dave Rockwell
Bonnie and I are fine. Social distancing is easy in our remote part of the Maine coast. There’s plenty of outdoor work to do. On daily walks, we don’t see anyone and the nearest grocery store is 15 miles away. Shopping every four to five days with a mask and gloves keeps us safe.

Chip Farnham

I moved out here four years ago and now live in Taos. My brother Alan S. Farnham ’61 also attended Suffield Academy and was an Army officer who was killed in the Vietnam War on December 30, 1968. His wife lives in Santa Fe, so we keep in touch with her and the two boys. I still have Webster’s new Collegiate Dictionary for the Faculty Award presented to me by Headmaster Appleton H. Seaverns on June 7, 1959.

Richard German
I am still very active in my BHRT Pellet medical practice. I mountain bike up Big Sir every week, seven to eight miles each time. My daughter Lauren German is a well-known actress and lead in Netflix’s Lucifer now it its fifth season.

Eliot Mag
It is always a pleasure keeping up with the Suffield Academy community. My wife and I are OT currently on the front lines of this Pandemic; my Volunteer Services days at Hartford Hospital were suspended just as the national lockdown was being implemented. My role had been escorting family members to the recovery room [known as the PACU, Post Anesthesia Care Unit] for a short visit after a procedure. With o elective surgeries, the PACU areas have been converted to ICU units with o visitors allowed. By the way, all volunteer services have been suspended during this emergency. So, we’ve been hunkering down; taking long walks when the weather permits [actually have to walk the dog twice a day!] and dutifully cleaning out my office files and junk drawers, in addition to keeping in touch with friends and family through FaceTime and Zoom. I really miss interacting with our young grandkids [ages four and one]. I’ve been catching up on my reading and keeping up with friends and watching far too much TV. Looking back, those many years ago…it’s hard to imagine losing an entire school semester! Wishing you all stay well.