Adam Benson
I normally do not communicate as an alum, but I have been thinking a lot about Suffield and how the school is coping with things these days. There must be a lot of stress to say the least with all the unknowns. I own a medical device distribution company that sells a lot of the respiratory products, disinfectant products, and PPE products that are being discussed every day on the news. We are working diligently to try and get as much out the door as we possibly can, flying in products we don’t normally sell to just try and help the situation in our small way. We are doing our part in Ashland, Massachusetts throughout new England and the Mid Atlantic. Anyone you know who is an alum in the similar field of healthcare trying to help, connect us as we may be able to do more together.



Billy Simons
I hope this finds you well. My wife Eliza and I are finding a lot of silver linings in being home together all the time here in Atlanta with our son Coleman [nine months]. We’ve been relishing all this home time with our little boy who is regularly in the process of getting smothered by his mom and dad. I started a series of illustrated poems and stories 28 days ago [one per day Monday thru Friday] knowing that a lot of kids are stuck at home and looking for fun ways to escape. Also, it’s also a great way for me to escape and process. Many of the poems have to do with our shared experience of dealing with COVID-19, home quarantine, and the various thought processes many of us are going through. It’s at www.billydraws.com. The plan is to have the collection published as an anthology of sorts. Other than that, all is well. We’re excited to visit Suffield again when the all the dust settles.



Steph Holmes
Happy to report I am staying healthy, despite living in new York City. My family is safe and well in New England. Despite conducting my assistant principal responsibilities from home, I am enjoying the unusual means of staying in touch and motivating the students. I am also extremely excited to share that I successfully completed my doctoral dissertation in February and just received the published copy. Although we were unable to walk at graduation in May, I am proud to be able to call myself Dr. Stephanie Holmes, EdD.



William Taylor
Staying balanced is tough, especially since my wife Jacqueline and I work full-time and are also in executive-format advanced degree programs. However, here are two fun attempts at balancing life and working from home: first, Jacqueline and I started enjoying “happy hour” [i.e. a ice bottle of wine and the Vivino app] together at 5 pm each day, and second, we try to complete one DIY project each weekend. Of course, the Virginia Piedmont is beautiful in early spring, so that made quarantining a little bit better! Wishing the extended Suffield community health and happiness during these trying times.



Dan Fisher
The past year has been a wild ride for me as I decided to start my own ax throwing business located in Marietta, Georgia. We opened on January 10, 2020 and entertained thousands of customers right off the bat. One surprise customer was former Suffield faculty member and Tiger 4th’s basketball coach Matt Bohrer who now teaches at The Lovett School in Atlanta—it was tremendous to catch up with Matt. Owning a business has been a goal of mine since taking an entrepreneurship course in my MBA. I am now focused on innovating our experience and developing new outdoor mobile offerings.

Jared Mickelson
Quite the opportune time for these updates! I am currently sitting in the hospital with my wife who is in labor with our first child [it’s a girl!]. As a pulmonary critical care fellow, I have been working in the COVID-19 ICUs at UMass throughout March and the first week of April while living in our basement to protect our new little family. Today is the first time we have been physically together in weeks—truly wonderful! I will be back to work shortly, unfortunately, and that means back to the basement. Hoping everyone else is staying safe.



Tom Blakeley
Hey All! My wife Kat and I had our first child George last April and are expecting another boy in September. It is awesome being a dad. We finally finished the renovation on our home in Westborough, Massachusetts and are enjoying putting our feet up—in between naps. This past year I left consulting and joined Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Boston as Associate Director. I’m spending my time working with the Data Analytics team on a variety of different tracks and really enjoying it—great company, great people. On weekends I spend my time fly fishing, hiking with the family and our two dogs, going on the occasional run, and escaping to the Cape or Stowe. Hope everyone is doing well.



Anne Tucker Doar
I am doing great but these crazy times have led me to get a dog. She’s an Australian Labradoodle and her name is Tiki. I am busy working at Joe’s Butcher Shop and Fish Market in Carmel, Indiana. It is fun to be part of a team of front-line workers. I am so proud to be helping people because that is what I always wanted to do.

Amar Khalsa
Fortunately, COVID-19 does not seem to affect children as much as adults, which means that Boston Children’s Hospital is [for now] pretty quiet! I am at the hospital two to three days a week and working from home on the other days. The families at the hospital are so strong and brave and it has been a privilege working with them during these stressful times. Honestly, my work with patients and families is what is keeping me sane! It is such a joy to go into the hospital every day and be in the presence of such immense bravery and resiliency. To cope, I have been spending a lot of time with my cats [Jack and Karen]. My boyfriend Trevor has been making me a lot of food [which always helps]. In the midst of this crisis, it is important to be grateful for what you have and to pay it forward! Also, my apartment has ever been so clean.