Art Class
Tremaine Visual Arts Center is a bright, uplifting 7,000 square foot space that is the home of Suffield’s Department of Visual Arts. The sky-lit upstairs studio is used for painting, drawing, and digital media courses. The bottom floor of the building has an extensive ceramics studio, the Violich Photography space and darkroom, and the Lee Roberts ’74 Gallery. Ceramics Studio is located on the lower level and houses a variety of ceramics classes along with workshops and open studios.

The Violich Photography space is home to a state of the art dark room and studio.

The Jeanice Seaverns Performing Arts Center is the site of Suffield’s theater which is used extensively for dramatic and musical productions, dance performances, guitar shows, and other meetings and performances throughout the year. This 8,400 square foot theater has sophisticated lighting and sound systems.

The Set Design Shop is attached to the Jeanice Seaverns Performing Arts Center. This 2,400 workspace is used to build theater sets and has hosted woodworking and architectural classes. It has sophisticated equipment to support all of these purposes.

The Williams Performing Arts Studio is home of Suffield’s dance program and also has a professional recording studio.

The Guttag Music Center  houses eight acoustically engineered spaces for private study and music lessons. The Guttag Center also has offices for Suffield’s performing arts teachers.

Private Music Rooms are acoustically engineered spaces for independent practice and private study.



Fall [16 teams]
8 varsities  /  8 sub-varsities

Winter [15 teams]
9 varsities  /  6 sub-varsities

Spring [16 teams]
11 varsities  /  5 sub-varsities 


Stage Crew