Athletic Training

Suffield is staffed with two full-time athletic trainers who are nationally certified and state licensed medical professionals. Prevention, evaluation, and treatment are the core practices aimed at reducing the risk of athletic injuries and enabling student-athletes to return to their sports as soon as it is medically safe to do so. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and help our student-athletes compete with confidence.
We adhere to the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) guidelines: Athletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who render service or treatment, under the direction of or in collaboration with a physician, in accordance with their education, training, and the state's statutes, rules, and regulations. As a part of the health care team, services provided by athletic trainers include primary care, injury and illness prevention, wellness promotion and education, emergent care, examination and clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries, and medical conditions. The NATA Code of Ethics states the principles of ethical behavior that should be followed in the practice of athletic training.

Our athletic training staff works hand-in-hand with our health center on a daily basis, ensuring well-rounded community care. We have a close partnership with Advanced Orthopedics of New England as well as Primary Spine and Rehab who provide on-campus physical therapy services when prescribed by physicians. These services are managed by Sue Rafferty, Head Athletic Trainer.

We coordinate with the following practitioners:
Advanced Orthopedics
Primary Spine Rehab
To contact Sue Rafferty, please call (860) 386-4519.
To contact Gina Longo, please call (860) 386-4487.


Concussion Information

Our health services and athletic trainers use ImPact concussion testing as one tool to assess concussion. Every student at Suffield must take an ImPact baseline test when arriving to campus. If a concussion is suspected, a follow up test will be performed and the resulting scores are compared with their baseline. This assessment is correlated with ongoing symptom presentation and a physical exam before a return to learn and return to plan are developed. Following a concussion, all athletes are required to complete a 5 step return to play protocol before being cleared for full participation in sport. This process is overseen by the nurses and athletic trainers collectively. The return to play steps are as follows:

If ImPact scores meet or exceed baseline then the athlete may progress to Day 1. Each day must be passed by approval under ATC supervision.

Day 1: 20 min jogging or biking
Day 2: 40 min jogging or biking
Day 3: Non-contact practice with sports specific exercises (usually with team)
Day 4: Full contact practice with team (non-competition/game setting)
Day 5: Full return to play without restriction.

Sue Rafferty

Sue Rafferty

Head Athletic Trainer, Health Center
Gina Longo

Gina Longo

Athletic Trainer, Leadership Program