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Community Life

If you come to Suffield Academy you will join a community and this community will embrace you.

We will not fit you neatly into a box; rather you will have the chance to create your own Suffield experience. You will form friendships with people from around the world by sharing meals, living together, and having fun. You will have the chance to challenge yourself in the classroom and on the playing fields.

Never will we be in a place where people care so much about our lives. We won’t have so many people ask how we are doing and genuinely want an answer. Being alumni of Suffield Academy is now a part of our identity.  -Ashley Sarris ’17

Community Themes

The 2019-2020 Theme is Journeys
Journeys is Suffield Academy's school theme for the 2019-2020 academic year. Used as both a noun and a verb, journey refers to traveling. We would like to focus on appreciating our personal journeys, and being intentional about pursuing goals. Our community text, Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture, encourages us to discover what matters most to us—our dreams and hopes—and make these as priorities as we proceed through our lives. We hope this theme will help Suffield students and faculty members identify and prioritize core goals and values, and closely focus on them as their personal and collective journeys unfold.