Acceptable Use Policy

We are not a “laptop school,” we are a school where electronic communication is a keystone of campus life. Computing and information technology are pervasive at Suffield Academy. Computers are integrated into the daily life of all community members. Students are required to have a functioning, Academy-recommended Apple laptop. Everyone is expected to check email at least once every twenty-four hours; classes and student groups rely on email discussion forums, and the campus is covered with wireless or wired networking.

All students have the expectation of secure, private voice messaging and email provided by the Academy. However, we reserve the right to inspect the content of student accounts in the event of suspected misuse. Instant messaging, texting, email, and social networking sites facilitate communication and the sharing of ideas. All forms of electronic messaging also facilitate the dissemination of information, often beyond intended recipients. Students should be aware that any message may end up in public view; accordingly every email, video, Facebook post, IM, or other electronic correspondence should be crafted with care.
All members of the Suffield Academy community are expected to follow general rules of etiquette, whether online or in face-to-face interactions: avoid inappropriate language, treat others with respect, not engage in illegal activities or activities inappropriate for those under 21 years of age. Mean spirited or deragotory language about others on the Internet is not acceptable within the Suffield community; violations will lead to disciplinary consequences.
Every student receives a unique username and password for the Academy’s computer systems. Students must keep passwords secure from others and should not allow others to use their account; students are responsible for any activity originating from their account or personal computer. Accessing another user account with or without permission, or granting anyone access to your account is a violation of school policy.
All computer and network infrastructure (switches, routers, cabling, wireless access points, servers, etc.) is owned and managed by the school. Students may not add or modify any network equipment; this includes the creation of personal wireless networks. Network activity is neither filtered nor blocked at the Academy; however, messaging and Internet access may be recorded in archival logs for operational and safety reasons.
Students are prohibited from accessing any website or Internet resource violating state or federal law. Students are also prohibited from accessing online content intended for adult audiences only. Students should not portray themselves or Suffield Academy inappropriately in any online public forum, including social networking or video sharing sites. Student access to on-campus computing resources and/or the Internet is a privilege that may be restricted or revoked by school representatives at any time. Abuse or violation of these technology guidelines may result in disciplinary action.
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Jason Healy

Jason Healy

Titles: Director of Technology, Opatrny Chair in Technology