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List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • + 2018-2019 Academic Calendar

    12-13 Fall Parents’ Weekend
    13 Extended Weekend begins — 5:00 pm
    16 Extended Weekend ends — 7:30 pm (Check-in for Boarding Students)
    17 Classes resume
    11-16 Fall Term Examinations
    16 Thanksgiving Recess begins — 12:05 pm
    26 Thanksgiving Recess ends — 7:30 pm (Check-in for Boarding Students)
    27 Classes resume
    13 Winter Vacation begins — 12:05 pm
    2 Winter Vacation ends — 7:30 pm (Check-in for Boarding Students)
    3 Classes resume
    31 Extended Weekend begins — 12:05 pm
    4 Extended Weekend ends — 7:30 pm (Check-in for Boarding Students)
    5 Classes resume
    1 Spring Vacation begins — 12:05 pm
    25 Spring Vacation ends — 7:30 pm (Check-in for Boarding Students)
    26 Classes Resume
    26-27 Spring Parents’ Weekend (Parents’ Association Auction on Friday)
    27 Extended Weekend begins — 5:00 pm
    29 Extended Weekend ends — 7:30 pm (Check-in for Boarding Students)
    30 Classes Resume
    23 Reception for Seniors and Parents followed by Dinner — 5:15 pm
    23 Baccalaureate — 8:00 pm
    24 186th Commencement (Class of 2019) — 10:30 am
    25-29 Spring Term Examinations for Grades 9-11
    29 Close of School for Grades 9, 10, 11 Students — 12:00 pm
  • + Daily Schedule

    8:00–8:45: Period A
    8:50–10:00: Period B
    10:05–10:50: Period E
    10:55–12:05: Period C
    12:15–12:55: LUNCH
    1:00–1:50: Chapel
    1:55–3:05: Period G 

    8:00–9:10: Period A
    9:15–10:00: Period B
    10:05–11:15: Period E
    11:20–12:05: Period G
    12:15–12:55: LUNCH
    1:00–1:45: Period D
    1:50–2:35: Period F
    2:40–3:05: Conference

    8:00–9:10: Period D
    9:15–10:00: Period C
    10:05–11:15: Period F
    11:20–12:05: Period L & Conference
    11:30–12:55: LUNCH

    8:00–9:10: Period B
    9:15–10:00: Period A
    10:05–11:15: Period G
    11:20–12:05: Period E
    12:15–12:55: LUNCH
    1:00–2:10: Period C
    2:15–3:05: Period L & Conference

    8:00–9:10: Period A
    9:15–10:00: Period B
    10:05–10:50: Period F
    10:55–12:05: Period E
    12:15–12:55: LUNCH
    1:00–1:45: Period G
    1:50–2:35: Period D
    2:40–3:05: Conference 

    8:00–9:10: Period F
    9:15–10:00: Period C
    10:05–11:15: Period D
    11:20–12:00: LUNCH
  • + Weekly Schedule

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 
    7:00–8:00 am: Breakfast
    8:00 am–3:05 pm: Classes
    12:15 pm: Lunch—all school formal sit-down
    3:30–5:30 pm: Athletics
    5:30–7:00: Dinner
    8:00–10:00: Study Hall
    10:45 Lights-out (Freshman and Sophomores)
    11:00 Lights-out (Juniors and Seniors)
    8:00–11:15 am: Classes
    11:20 am–12:05 pm: Conference Period
    11:45 am–12:45 pm: Lunch (buffet style)
    Afternoon Athletics

    8:00–11:15 am: Classes
    11:20 am–12:05 pm: Conference Period
    11:45 am–12:45 pm: Lunch (buffet style)
    Afternoon Athletics
    5:30 pm: Dinner
    11:15 Check-in (most Saturdays)
    10:00–11:30 am: Brunch
    11:30–7:30: Weekend Activities
    5:00–6:00 pm: Dinner
    7:30: Return from weekends
    8:00–10:00: Study Hall
    10:45 Lights-out (Freshman and Sophomores)
    11:00 Lights-out (Juniors and Seniors)
  • + Vacations & Extended Weekends

    School vacations and long weekends are also located on the school calendar.

    Fall Parents’ Weekend (October 12–13)

    Extended Fall Weekend (October 13–16)

    Thanksgiving Break (November 16–26)

    Winter Break (December 13–January 2)

    Extended Winter Weekend (January 31–February 4)

    Spring Break (March 1–25)

    Spring Parents’ Weekend (April 26–27)

    Extended Spring Weekend (April 27–29)

    Commencement (May 24)

    Close of School for Grades 9,10,11 (May 29)

    Note: Students should return at their scheduled time and not before. No vacations may begin earlier or extend beyond the appointed times. Students are not required to leave campus for long weekends.

Important Information

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • + Dress Code Update

    Guidelines for the 2018-2019 Dress Code During the Academic Day


    - A woman’s sleeved collared blouse or two visible layers (a dress shirt/sweater and one additional layer) 
    - Dress slacks, khakis, or chinos (no jeans, denim pants, or pants with rivets and sewn on pockets)
    - Dress shoes (no athletic shoes, sneakers, beach/bath sandals)
    - Skirts or dresses which extend to the knee, or if shorter accompanied by leggings or opaque tights (dresses should provide shoulder coverage or be accompanied by a sweater or other second layer)
    - No sweatshirts or hooded attire 

    - A tucked-in dress shirt and visible necktie 
    - Dress pants or khakis (no jeans, no pants with rivets or sewn on pockets) 
    - Belt  
    - Dress shoes (no athletic shoes, sneakers, beach/bath sandals) 
    - No hats in buildings 
    - No sweatshirts or hooded attire
  • + School Supply List

    Suffield Academy plan book (available in our bookstore)

    Color-coded folders for each subject

    Three-ring binders for each subject 

    Loose-leaf paper

    Blue and black pens

    Pencils and erasers

    Pocket sized stapler and staples

    3 x 5 index cards

    “Post it” notes (small rectangular)

    Quad-ruled graph paper

    Texas Instruments TI 84 or higher graphing calculator

    Be sure to visit Suffield's own on-campus bookstore.
  • + Book Ordering FAQ

    How do I know which books to buy?  Using your schedule, look for the title of each course and select the books you need from

    When may I place my order?  Once you receive your schedule you should place you order for textbooks. 

    How do I pay?  MBS Direct accepts all major credit cards.

    Do I have to use  No, you are not required to use MBS Direct.

    Are used books in good condition?
    Used books range in quality from a pristine book owned only once before by a student who treated it with care, to a book that has been owned by several students and is comfortably worn with creased pages and highlighting. A used book might have any of the following characteristics:
    -Notes written in the margins
    -Highlighting from a little to a lot
    -Typical wear and tear
    -Rounded corners
    -Scrapes and scratches
    - Faded cover art
    -Creased pages

    MBS Direct has quality assurance standards in place. A used book purchased from them will NOT have:
    -Stains or water damage
    -Missing, torn or loose pages
    -Missing, torn or loose cover
    -Excessive writing or marking
    -A broken spine
    -Torn or damaged binding

    Where should I have my books shipped?  Books can be shipped to you at home or directly to Suffield Academy  185 North Main St.,  Suffield, CT 06078

    What if there is no book listed for my class?  If there is no text required for your class, it will say so on the website.

    If I don’t order online, can I still purchase my textbooks when I arrive on campus?  All ordering should be done online. The school will maintain a few textbooks on campus. However, if you have not ordered books by the time you get to campus you should still order from our online vendor.

    What if I drop/change courses?  You will receive full credit (excluding shipping charges) for books you return because of dropping a course. Additionally, you may return your books on campus as long as they are returned within 30 days of the start of the course and are in “new” condition.

    Can I sell my books back at the end of the year?  Yes, the school and our vendor together run an online book buy back program at the end of the school year.

    For online ordering questions contact or call 800-325-3252
    International customers should call 573-441-9179

    For Suffield Academy bookstore and book questions:

    Email: Call: 860-386-4494 or 860-386-4454.
  • + Computers & Technology

    Suffield Academy requires students to have an Apple laptop that meets our published requirements. For a list of specifications and a link to pre-configured models from Apple’s online store, please visit the Suffield Academy Apple store.

    The school makes several software packages available to students via a one-time technology fee ($50). This includes software for word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and other specialized software used in certain courses. We recommend self-instructional software for students who would like to improve their typing ability. Please note that the Academy does not offer a typing course.

    All students receive services and support including unlimited email messaging, full Internet access, limited network file storage, network printing (no need to bring your own printer), repair depot service, and training.

    Boarding and day students have access to network services via wireless connection in all campus buildings and dormitories. Additionally, boarding students have wired connections in their dorm rooms. Day students may also use their home Internet connection to access Suffieldís network services (such as email) from home during the evening or on weekends.
  • + Electronic Banking

    You may use the electronic fund transfer process to send payments or contributions to Suffield Academy. The pertinent information for wiring is: 

    Domestic Wire Transfers
    Bank Name: First National Bank of Suffield. 30 Bridge Street. Suffield, Connecticut 06078
    Routing (ABA) number: 011-102-353
    Account number: 10898
    Account name: Suffield Academy Operating Account
    Further Credit: Purpose of wire (name of student) 

    International Wire Transfers
    Note: international transfers can either be transferred to First National Bank of Suffield or JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A.
    Bank Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.  270 Park Avenue. New York, NY 10017 
    Routing ABA: 021000021
    Account Number: 3375519765
    Swift Number: CHASUS33
    Account Name: Suffield Academy
    Further Credit: Purpose of wire (name of student) 

    Please ensure that your bank includes your child’s name and a description of the fund application (i.e. tuition, debit card, etc.) as reference identification on the transfer so we can clearly identify the source and application of the funds. 
Suffield Academy   185 North Main Street   Suffield, Connecticut 06078   Phone 860.386.4400  |  Fax 860.386.4411