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Suffield Delivers Senior Seminars

Suffield Delivers Senior Seminars

Suffield’s seniors participate annually in a three-part seminar that serves as a concluding aspect of the school’s Leadership Program. The meetings highlight important topics Suffield wants graduates knowledgeable about as they head on to the next stage in their lives.

The program focused on workshops regarding emotional transitions to college, financial literacy, and advice from Suffield's Class of 2018 after they just completed their sophomore year of college.

The seminar’s goal is to help students understand the connection between financial markets and a larger culture of responsibility and personal financial footprints.

“The senior seminars are an important part of our Leadership curriculum,” says Headmaster Cahn. “We focus on timely topics related to personal responsibility and citizenship. This year’s seniors are very engaged in the content and again demonstrate a deep commitment to our school and to each other.”