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Suffield Academy Steps Towards Sustainability

Article: Emmy Lemza ’21  |  Photos: Hillary Rockwell Cahn ’88, P’18, P’22

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Article & Photo: Nicole St. Jacques ’20

Food Committee’s first meeting of the year took place Tuesday afternoon, September 24. Their goal is simple: to provide a collective student voice that expresses opinions about the food served in the dining hall. In the past few years, they have been responsible for notable changes throughout the menu, from increasing the number of cereals to reporting students’ favorite meals. However, this year, Food Committee’s first meeting was more heated—or, as one may say, chilled—than ever before. With a new refrigerator for produce in the serving area, fruits such as apples and oranges can remain cold and fresh until consumption. But members of the Committee noticed that Suffield’s latest appliance was home to a very unlikely guest: the banana. Students were outraged at the chilled bananas, claiming that the banana location was simply ‘not right.’ As a result of their passion for the bananas, the yellow fruit was moved outside of the freezer to a more socially-accepted space: next to the bread in the sandwich bar. Students were ecstatic: “It’s the best thing that’s ever happened,” reported Nicole Boutry ’21 on the Food Committee’s Instagram page. As the year continues, and the bananas remain in their rightful place—and at their rightful temperature—Suffield Food Committee is sure to continue to make positive changes on one of the most vital aspects of a boarding school: food!


Exploring The Big E

Article: James Muslu ’21

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4/414: Introducing Suffield’s New International Students

Article: Sarah Park ’20  |  Photos: Elm Piyasombatkul ’21

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  • Each year, Suffield welcomes a large group of newcomers to the community, many of whom have different backgrounds and interests. Some of the most unique new students are international students, who come from many different parts of the world to join the Suffield experience. I decided to report the stories of one new international student from each grade, Chai Lewgasamsarn ’20, Rhian Jones ’21, Martina Navarro Lopez ’22, and Logan Lee ’23.   » read more

    Chai Lewgasamsarn ’20
    is a post-graduate (PG) from Muang Nonthaburi, Thailand. Before coming to Suffield, he had traveled to many different countries, but the United States was one he had never been to. He studied in Thailand for 12 years and decided he wanted “to add more excitement in life by choosing to study in a foreign country and find new challenges.” He also mentioned how the educational programs in the U.S. are among the best and that he wanted to take advantage of this. Something different he noticed from his home country is that at Suffield and many other US boarding schools, athletics is considered very serious, and everyone has the opportunity to participate in sports. Chai articulated how “in Thailand, there is no such thing as a varsity team, and we play sports just for fun after school. People do not get to try new sports as the courts, fields, and pools are always filled with the best players. Things are different here, and I think there’s always a place for everyone.” So far, his favorite experience at Suffield has been playing table tennis in the Union and hanging out with friends there, especially during Saturday nights. Chai is most looking forward to the winter season and Christmas; he has never seen snow before due to the hot weather in Thailand. He is also excited to listen to the senior Chapel speeches about his peers’ interesting life stories.

    Rhian Jones ’21 is a junior from Kingston, Jamaica. She decided to study abroad due to U.S. based opportunities and the ease of the transition into colleges. One thing that she realized was different compared to Jamaica was America's culture. She mentioned how “Jamaicans are very open about their love of their country and home.” She feels as though Jamaica has a more “homey feel” and culture compared to the American culture. Rhian mentioned that so far, her favorite experience at Suffield has been getting to know everyone. She added how “everyone is so lovely and (she has) had a good time meeting people that make me laugh and smile.” What she is looking forward to the most at Suffield is to make amazing memories and being able to call this community her second home.

    Martina Navarro Lopez ’22 is a sophomore from Barcelona, Spain. She never expected to study in the U.S., and even when she received the opportunity to come to Suffield, she was unsure whether to accept it or not. However, the experience of living abroad convinced her to make her decision and go through something different by studying in another country, in a different language. She commented that compared to the teaching system in Spain, “[Suffield’s] is quite different, and it is a bit confusing sometimes, but I think I have adapted smoothly to it now.” Martina’s best experience here has been the boarding life. She says that it is as if she is in camp, with the amazing opportunity to live with her friends every day. For the rest of her time at Suffield, she is most looking forward to growing as a person, meeting new people, and discovering more about American culture. Martina wishes to make memories that will last a lifetime and to make the most of her time at Suffield.

    Logan Lee ’23 is a freshman from Seoul, South Korea. Before coming to Suffield, he attended a Korean middle school but decided he wanted to study abroad and experience cultural diversity. One aspect of his life that has changed the most after coming to Suffield is his schedule. Before, in Korea, he always slept late, going to bed as late as 2 am due to his flexible schedule and convenient life at home. However, Suffield’s dorm regulations and busy daily schedule have been requiring him to go to bed before 12 am. So far at Suffield, Logan has been enjoying meeting new friends from all different backgrounds: not only the U.S but all over the world. Interestingly, he shaved his own hair for the first time, which he mentioned was one of his favorite experiences. For his remaining years at Suffield, Logan is excited to meet more friends from different places and learn about their cultures. Additionally, through the experience of living abroad and being apart from his family, he wishes to become more independent and prepared for his future at Suffield.


Introducing the 2019-20 Community Charity: Hands for Hunger

Article: Sarah Park ’20 | Photo & Video: 

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“Triple E” Scare Shakes Suffield

Article: Jenna Daly ’21

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The Arts

Fall Musical: “Legally Blonde”

Article: Katya Yurkovskaya ’22

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  • This year, Suffield Academy presents Legally Blonde, a comedic musical based on a book by Amanda Browne. The rehearsals started only a month ago, but the cast is already working on Act 2, which is a great place to be so early in the season. Mr. Dugan directs the show and is looking forward to the opening night: “It’s going to be a spectacle.”    » read more

    Mr. Dugan chose Legally Blonde as he “wanted to go opposite of Billy Elliot in terms of the themes behind the show and the style of the music.” Both musicals have strong messages, but Legally Blonde’s content and presentation are different, so the audience will experience new emotions that are incomparable to Suffield’s stage last year.
    The production includes animals, unusual location changes, and pop music. However, Mr. Dugan is particularly excited to use a new technique: two 65-inch iPhones. These iPhones are going to help the audience to better navigate in the situations and locations.
    However, production is not always an easy process. “The biggest challenge is fitting everyone on our stage, [and] trying to fit all fifty is the most difficult part,” Mr. Dugan said. Another challenge is various locations. “Legally Blonde has a ton of locations, which makes it a technical nightmare.” Hopefully, through multiple rehearsals and help of the running crew, the show is going to go smoothly and nearly flawlessly.”
    Mr. Dugan believes that people should come to Legally Blonde because “it’s a fun show. Everyone is going to enjoy it; they are going to laugh, [and] they are going to be rooting for the people on stage.” Everyone is encouraged to come and watch Legally Blonde: not only the story is great, but the cast, stage crew, and faculty work five days a week to make a great performance.
    The show is on December 12-14, and the tickets will be available in November.


The Suffield Academy Pink Out

Article: Mason Kumiega ’21  |  Photos: Elm Piyasombatkul ’21

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