Campus Life

Be Yourself and Feel Supported

Our community is large enough to allow for a richly diverse population, yet small enough to make every face on campus familiar—students and faculty form strong bonds here.

Hope  Suffield’s 2021-2022 community text, Penguin the Magpie: The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family (aka. Penguin Bloom: The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family) by Cameron Bloom, will be used in support of this year's school theme of hope. Hope is about optimism, looking towards a goal with anticipation, and wanting something to happen that will positively impact your life. This true story focuses on the Bloom family in the aftermath of an accident that leaves their mother, Sam, paralyzed. While learning to adjust to a different way of life following this unexpected tragedy, Sam’s children come across an injured baby magpie—who they name Penguin—that needs their time and care to return her to full health. After a challenging past year and a half, the theme of hope during a time of extreme challenge seemed to be fitting for supporting our community.
The Advisor Program
The Suffield Academy faculty is comprised of 90 men and women, each of whom acts as an advisor to Academy students. An advisor’s role is to encourage and guide students throughout their Suffield journey. In addition to scheduled meetings, advisors host dinners, attend advisee sporting events, and offer overall encouragement during the school year. Advisors are also an important resource for parents and other faculty members.
Work Program
An essential component of life at Suffield Academy is the internal community service program that we call the Work Program. The philosophy of the Work Program is to promote pride in the school, respect for others, and a sense of responsibility and leadership. Each term, students choose their role. These range from helping with dining services to the library to the admissions office or snack bar.
School Traditions
Suffield’s commitment to sustaining a strong community is apparent in many school traditions. Students and faculty gather for family-style lunch each day. There is a school meeting every Monday where guest speakers address the community. There are also several annual events that help define the strong bonds on campus, including an Earth Day celebration, Alumni Leadership Day, and the Kent-Davis Public Speaking Contest.

Recent Events on Campus