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The Counseling Center at Suffield Academy is staffed with professionals trained in helping students navigate the secondary school experience. The Counseling Center provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to support students’ emotional growth and to enhance each student’s sense of emotional well-being. Call 860-386-4511 or walk in anytime. Our office is located just down the path past Brewster.
Current program offerings
Responsible Relationships: in conjunction with the Suffield Academy Leadership program, we offer information for all grades on healthy relationships and decision-making.
Zen Den Diaries: a series of discussions aimed at topics pertinent to our students.
Various Wellness-Related Programming: speakers, discussions, literature, videos and more focused on mental health and wellness topics


When and how might my child be directed for counseling services
Students are referred to the Counseling Center in a variety of ways-faculty (dorm parents, advisors, coaches, teachers), the Dean of Students, the Health Center, parents and students themselves.  Reasons for referral can include issues related to stress or anxiety, peer relationships, family issues, depressed mood, self-esteem, adjusting to campus life and more. Occasionally, counseling can be required as a part of a disciplinary action, as well.

What should I do if I think my child would benefit from talking with someone?
First, talk to your child.  Find out if he/she would be open to meeting with a counselor and express your support.  Then, call or email any of us at the contact information on this page.

Is there a fee for counseling services? There is no fee to utilize counselors on campus, although on-going, long-term or more specialized mental health needs are referred to outside therapists and other providers. Dr. Holtzberg is one such clinician.  Dr. Holtzberg sees students for therapy on-campus and has a private practice in West Hartford.

The Counseling Center

Heather Dugan

Heather Dugan

Academic Support, Counseling Department
Christy Londraville

Christy Londraville

Director of Counseling
Dennis Roche

Dennis Roche


Health & Wellness

The physical and mental health of our students is our highest priority at Suffield Academy. Resources are always open and accessible.
The Counseling Center
The Health Center