Ally Week at Suffield

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) group hosted Suffield’s Fourth Annual Ally Week from April 25 to May 1. Ally Week recognizes the LGBTIQA+ community and helps promote a safe and respectable environment for all gender and sexuality expressions at Suffield Academy. To show their support as allies, students and faculty wore red on Monday, orange and yellow on Tuesday, blue on Wednesday, green on Thursday, purple on Friday, and a rainbow of seven colors on Saturday. Masks and stickers honoring the colors of Ally Week were also distributed across campus. Highlights of the week included a Kahoot game trivia night, an intersectionality conference and art night hosted by Suffield’s GSA, SOC, JOS, EFFECT, and AAPI groups, and a capture the flag game concluding the events on Saturday.

A leader of Suffield’s GSA group Max Santopietro ’21 commented on the success and significance of the event: "Ally Week is heavily supported by the Suffield Academy community and is an opportunity to recognize the LGBTIQA+ population here on campus and globally. The GSA was very pleased with the turnout and cooperation for making this one of the most shared and inclusive GSA events our school has held."