Andy Lowe Pool Dedication

Andy Lowe Pool Dedication

On October 8, Suffield Academy’s pool was named in honor of longtime faculty member Andy Lowe. Andy is in his 43rd year at Suffield and has been an inspirational teacher and coach. Hundreds of alumni, parents, and friends attended the dedication.

In his introduction, Head of School Charlie Cahn said, “Andy’s inspiration, dedication, positive spirit, and love of Suffield and our student-athletes make him an incredibly special person.”

Six speakers then reflected on the impact Andy has had on them and on Suffield. David Spitzler ’81 explained what it was like to be one of Andy’s swimmers. He highlighted the inspiring, encouraging traits of his coach, stating, “My experience, while exceptional, is not unique.”

Alex Holdridge ’03 said, “More than anything, Andy was my advocate... I am the father, the partner, colleague, and friend I am today because of the lessons Andy taught me in the pool, in the classroom, and beyond.”

Shaun Johnson ’18 reflected on the moment her swim team captain told her to “trust in the training” before their first race of the season. It stuck with Shaun--she knew that her training had prepared her for that day. She said, “Mr. Lowe has a coaching IQ like nothing I have ever experienced. He can train absolutely any swimmer to excel, ask anyone.”

Devina Bhalla ’18, who was on the Suffield swim team with Shaun, spoke about Andy's legacy. “You found a way to bring such beauty and talent together in this program for decades, each individual becoming one thread and together weaving a truly awe-inspiring tapestry that continues to flourish... There's just magic in you.”

Dean of Students & Campus Life (and assistant swim coach) Greg Lynch started his career at Suffield because of Andy Lowe. Over the past 20 years Greg feels he has had a special vantage point to watch his colleague and friend form incredible relationships with his athletes. “He has a total commitment to the team and to each athlete... He has created an environment for all swimmers and divers to succeed.”

Last to speak was Andy's son, Graham ’11, who shared some comments written by his father. Andy thanked Fred Powers, Charlie Cahn, coaches, athletic directors, and everyone else who has helped the aquatics program to succeed over the years. While referencing his father and grandfather, he wrote, “While I'm no match for their leadership and legacy of career achievements, I wouldn't trade my experience here in this space for anything.”

Shaun Johnson summed the dedication to Andy Lowe up in a perfectly succinct way: “Thank you for being a person who is so easy to celebrate.”

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