Art Show: Zeina

Art Show: Zeina

From April 8-21, the Class of 2022 artist series will showcase artwork from Zeina Lee ’22 in the Tremaine Art Center gallery. Her art show reception is on April 19 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the Lee Roberts Gallery.

In her last four years at Suffield, Zeina’s passion for art has supported her participation in Yearbook Club and the Suffield Art and Literary magazine; she has enjoyed being a part of Art Special; and she is also an TA in the Visual Arts department this year. Her favorite classes have been Graphic Design and Intro to Visual Communication Design, and she plans to pursue communication design and media arts in college. Zeina says, “I define myself as an artist, communicator, and innovator. I think art is the best way for me to directly and candidly express myself or to deliver a message since there is no limit. Also, while experimenting in various mediums and styles, I realized that stronger and more vital messages can be delivered through visual and sound, all beyond one’s imagination. In the process of creating artwork for my portfolio, I tried to focus on expressing myself as a creative communicator. I think art can be a great way or a tool to communicate with others and sometimes communicating through art could be even more candid than other ways. I appreciate that art has no limitations and stereotypes, so one can fully and creatively express his or her thoughts or message to others. As a result, most of my artwork and projects somehow link to communication.”

Zeina will further her study of visual arts at University of Southern California.


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