Art Show: Hailey, Kaitlyn, & Ashley

From April 22–May 6, the Class of 2022 artist series will showcase artwork from Hailey Suller ’22, Kaitlyn Suller ’22, and Ashley Parrow ’22 in the Tremaine Art Center. Their art show reception is on May 6 at 6:30 pm in the Lee Roberts Gallery.

For Hailey, it was photography that captivated her creative side while at Suffield. She most loved her photography classes with Mrs. Graham, and participated in yearbook as both photographer and head photographer, and as a photographer/editor for The Bell. She says, “My time here at Suffield Academy has taught me many things but one of my favorites is photography; more specifically, photoshop. I love photoshop. Not in the way of editing someone’s appearance, but in the way of adding something more to an image to help convey a certain message. By using portraits as a base, I experimented with two completely different styles and messages in each short series; one series uses black and white portraits with pops of color and the other focuses on the color’s neon red and blue.” She added, “I am inspired by Platon’s portrait work. He uses black and white images to help emphasize the characteristics of his subjects causing them to have a lot of depth to the image and it makes them appear more life-like to the viewer.” As Hailey continues her academic journey, she will be pursuing a nursing major at Duquesne University. 

Kaitlyn found her artistic passion in the ceramics studio. Though she signed up for ceramics as a way to fulfill her art credit freshman year, she loved it so much that she’s now taken four years of ceramics classes. During the pandemic, Mrs. Caginalp even lent her a wheel so she could work on her art at home, which is just one of the ways her art teacher inspired her. She says, “Mrs. C has been there for me and has helped me along my ceramics journey... Not does she inspire me, but her work does as well. Her ceramic pieces are amazing, and it constantly inspires me to make new things... Without her, I would have never even thought about making donut vases, yarn bowls, or even jars (which are now my favorite things to make!).” Though she’s not sure if she will continue to take ceramics as an academic class when she attends Springfield College, the school does have an option for her to take it if she so chooses. Kaitlyn says, “What makes ceramics so special is that you are allowed to make mistakes and try new things without worrying about the consequences because you can reuse the clay you used previously, which is a tiny detail in ceramics, but it makes all the difference to me!”

Ashley grew up with a great love of painting on canvas, but says, “When I started my career at Suffield, however, I quickly found a love for painting on clothes... I liked that I could wear my work around and not just hang it on the wall. It made it easier to share my work with the world and it made it unique.” She’s spent much of her time at Suffield in her studio art classes, sharing, “My favorite one must’ve been the Advanced Studio Art program since that gives students the most freedom to use whatever medium they’d like and to take projects into their own hands, really projecting their visions.” She has been part of the Editorial Club, which is a photography and photo editing club, has taken art special as a replacement for sports in the afternoons, and she is a teacher’s assistant in an Advanced Studio Art class this year. Ashley has been inspired by the impressionist work of Claude Monet, and especially his Water Lilies paintings. Ashley will be attending the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, pursuing history via the pre-law track. Though she won’t be studying art, she hopes to take at least one art class and knows she will be bringing her paints to use outside of academics. 


Senior Art Exhibition Schedule
May 6 - 20
Grace Kotchen, Campbell White, and Brynn Bergin