Arts Week 2020

“Art with a Cause” was the theme of this year’s Celebrate the Arts Week recognized by the Suffield Academy community February 11-14. Organized by both the visual and performing arts departments, students and faculty participated in daily exercises throughout the week designed to engage their creative sparks. A photo challenge was prompted at Tuesday’s formal lunch, followed by a social media Tik Tok event in the student union that night. Ceramics teacher Erica Leigh Caginalp led a live throwing exercise during lunch on Wednesday and a sculpture workshop Wednesday night. Students and faculty made Valentine’s cards at lunch on Thursday and held a mural workshop Thursday night to commemorate the ongoing fire destruction in Australia. On Friday, the community joined in coloring an all-school grid enlargement project capped off by a Valentine’s Day performing arts concert to end of week’s festivities.

The following is a recap of events:

Lunch: Photo Challenge (creative compositions)
Evening: Tik Tok in the Student Union

Lunch: Live Throwing in the Student Union
Evening: Sculpture Workshop

Lunch: Valentine’s Day Cards
Evening: Australia Mural Workshop

Lunch: All-School Grid Enlargement
Evening: Performing Arts Valentine Concert