Community of Cohorts: Suffield Prepares the Start of School

More than 200 Suffield students returned to campus as the 2020-2021 academic year began on September 8.

To maintain responsible social distancing and help ensure a safe introduction to the community, students were grouped in 23 cohorts by dormitory or dormitory floor for a two-week period. All students had remote classes and cohorts ate together in Brewster Hall and had afternoon or evening activities. The cohorting period helped emphasize the importance of mask wearing and personal hygiene. It was a unique and memorable experience.

Max Santopietro, a senior and dormitory proctor this year in Brewster commented, “The best part of the cohort activities was the unique bonding experience we shared inside the dorm. To pass the time we’ve been doing a lot of homework, making art, listening to music, and decorating our rooms. This was definitely a strange way to begin our senior year but everyone at the school has done an outstanding job making us feel comfortable and safe.”

Max’s roommate and fellow senior proctor Silas Casertano added, “It was a little weird spending so much time in our rooms, but it was definitely worth being here while knowing we are all in it together. The daily schedule was actually quite generous in allowing us plenty of time to breathe and the faculty has been very helpful in keeping us on task. This was a challenging start to our senior year, but we are hopeful that by doing this right the rest of our year will be as normal as possible. I plan on making the most of this year before landing my feet at college.”

As the remainder of the fall term unfolds, Suffield’s faculty eagerly awaits engaging the school’s 412 students in both in-person and online classes.