Convocation 2020-2021: A New Year Begins

Suffield Academy formally welcomed 132 new students and five new faculty members to the community and start of Suffield’s 188th academic year on September 14.

Head of School Charlie Cahn introduced Suffield’s new members and recognized long-time and senior faculty who have served in their roles for many years: Andy Lowe (41 years), Brett Vianney ’70 (40), Dave Godin (40), and Molly Vianney (32). He mentioned that six faculty members have hit the twenty-year milestone at Suffield this year: Bryan Brissette, Volker Krasemann, Amy and Chris Pentz, Sue Rafferty, and Bill Sullivan.

Member of the Class of 2021 and Student Council President Daniel Ennis followed Head of School Cahn’s remarks and identified three fundamental pillars that make Suffield Academy such an amazing community: a commitment to the surrounding world, a deeply rooted and universal respect for others, and a dedication to hard work and responsibility. “What makes Suffield so awesome is that everyone participates,” he said. “Whether you are on campus right now or not, we are so proud and happy to welcome all of you new Tigers this year. Your first Suffield Academy fall might look a little different than usual but have no doubt we are going to make the most of it.”

Head of School Cahn concluded, “Please know Suffield’s core values—which are unwavering even in an exceptionally challenging environment—are non-negotiable: respect for others, hard work, honor and discipline in our behavior, and kindness.” He added, “As we face all the tests 2020 is bringing, I ask we find the discipline and courage to be optimistic, cohesive, and supportive of each other. There will be positive, lasting legacies from this period of difficulty—from new learning and teaching opportunities and infrastructure to enhanced social understanding. Welcome to the new year and Go Tigers!”

Suffield Academy’s 2020-2021 academic journey is now officially underway.