Convocation 2022-2023

Convocation 2022-2023

Suffield’s 2022-2023 academic year officially began with a Convocation ceremony on September 8, 2022 in Tisch Field House.

Head of School Charlie Cahn welcomed students and introduced Suffield’s 11 new faculty members. Student Council President Declan Hehir ’23 then highlighted important pillars of the Suffield culture—inclusion, spirit, and community.

Dean of Academics & Faculty Sara Yeager spoke about Suffield’s 2022-2023 community text Still Life by Louise Penny, referring to the four rules that the main character lived by—I’m sorry, I need help, I don’t know, and I was wrong. She said, “It takes a lot of courage to be able to admit that you’re wrong or you don’t know or to ask for help. So our theme for the year is a combination of the four rules, and kindness.”

In concluding Convocation, Head of School Charlie Cahn reaffirmed Suffield Academy’s mission and purpose. He said, “Suffield emphasizes respect, hard work, and the importance of being thoughtful and kind people. This is an academically challenging, structured, encouraging school with an immaculate campus, great spirit, and close attention to each community member. As we start please know these core values, which are unwavering even in the exceptionally challenging environment that we just passed though, are non-negotiable: respect for others, hard work, honor and discipline in our behavior, and kindness.” 

It was a positive, refreshing way to begin the new school year.