Art Show: Ethan

A senior photography art exhibition opened in Tremaine Art Center featuring the work of Ethan Ash on January 17. Ethan is a senior from Goshen, Connecticut, who developed a creative passion for photography during his time at Suffield. His show highlights portraits of nature and people, still life forms, and urban settings in personalized and quiet embraces. Dramatic use of texture, color, and light and shadow give Ethan’s images a sense of tranquility and solitude while defining its subject within its frame. Below is a statement from the artist.

“These images are a collection of my favorite works since I began shooting film. A majority of them are medium format and a few are 35mm. I gathered these throughout many different seasons all across the Northeast as well as out West. Emotion can be strongly emitted through an image, and that’s the goal. I strive to tell a story through my imagery, letting the photos express how I am feeling or what I am going through at the time. We live in a world of efficiency and speed, always racing through the daily motions of life. I manage to slow life down and observe through the lens of my camera. Hopefully, these images give you some insight to my life and how I view things.”