Mystic Aquarium Trip

A total of 23 students enrolled in Marine Science, Honors Environmental Science, and Honors Biology joined faculty members Mrs. Norris and Ms. Bauchiero ’15 on a field trip to Mystic Aquarium on January 21. The group participated in a Snapchat Scavenger Hunt leading to many significant areas of the aquarium and a friendly competition between sections. 

Students were tasked to search the aquarium, answer questions about the animals, and send Mrs. Norris snaps revealing the solutions. “The students had a lot of fun and participating in the scavenger hunt but it was not required,” commented Mrs. Norris. “Many students chose to investigate the aquarium independently while conducting their own research. Since we arrived so early, we were privileged to see the staff feed the beluga whales. Of course, everyone really enjoyed the sea lion show as well.”

Among the students in attendance was Kay Polley who is a senior from Avon, Connecticut. She noted, “My favorite part of the trip was simply getting to visit the aquarium. The majority of colleges I applied to support a marine biology and oceanography major, which is a great interest of mine. I gained valuable perspective discussing with the aquarium staff unusual facts about the animals and how they are kept.”