Los Tiempos de Suffield

Students enrolled in Spanish III with Joyce Bolaños recently published a newspaper project detailing how the pandemic has affected their lives and interests, particularly in the areas of mental health, sports, art, and education. The newspaper entitled Los Tiempos de Suffield includes articles written by students aiming to connect with the Suffield community.

Ava Cieplinski ’22 says she had many topics she wanted to cover but felt her love for art would spread to the largest audience. She explains, “I conducted my own service leadership project by creating and incorporating important messages of hope to share on social media. I received positive feedback from over 40 members of the Suffield community who reposted my artwork to reach more people. I used this project to stay connected to the world and my friends in times when we were all responsibly distant.”

Jack Fletcher ’22 wrote an article centered on how the increase of mask use and decrease of carbon emissions has affected the environment. “Because most masks are made using plastics, the amount of plastic waste has unfortunately increased,” he says. “But due to less travel and people working from home, we have also seen a decrease in the burning of fossil fuels. From this project I learned a lot about the environment and Spanish grammar.”

“I am very proud of their work this year despite the challenges they faced,” noted Bolaños.